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Udo Kier

A Look Behind The Scenes Of ‘The Lords Of Salem’

by  |  March 15th, 2012  |  News

A Look Behind The Scenes Of 'The Lords Of Salem'

The Lords Of Salem (which is based on the original Rob Zombie song of the same title) tells the story of modern day Salem, and an the return of an Ancient witches coven that is ready to wreak havoc!

First Photo From Lord’s Of Salem Reveal!

by  |  January 9th, 2012  |  News

First Photo From Lord's Of Salem Reveal!

Lords Of Salem: A movie which is being directed by Rob Zombie (Halloween) and which stars a veritable¬†cornucopia¬†of horror greats including, Clint Howard (Ice Cream Man), Udo Kier (Blade) and Dee Wallace Stone (Cujo) to name just a few! Now this movie, which tells the story of a 300 year old Witches coven that descends […]

FeardotCom (2002)

by  |  November 21st, 2011  |  Horror

FeardotCom (2002)

There is something wrong in New York… You see recently there has been a rash of deaths that have all basically occurred the same way… Now it is up to NYPD Detective Mike Reilly and a Dept Of Health worker by the name of Terry Houston to discover what has been killing these people and how the site, ‘FeardotCom’ is involved in these deaths before another victim goes to site and becomes the next on the coroner’s slab!

Halloween (2007)

by  |  April 22nd, 2011  |  Horror

Halloween (2007)

On Halloween Night 17 years ago, Michael Myers, a kid who had been berated by everyone from his friends and family, finally looses it, and in the gravest serial murder spree ever, kills his sister, her boy friend… 17 years later, when the town of Haddonfield has finally forgotten about it, Michael escapes from the Hospital that he was imprisoned in for so many years. He has come home to re-unite with the last living member of his family that he truly loved, no matter what the COST!

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