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Keifer Sutherland

Dark City (1998)

by  |  May 16th, 2012  |  Sci Fi

Dark City (1998)

Dark City tells the tale of a dying Alien race that abducts a ton of humans to study, so that they can discover, ‘The Human Spirit’.

During this time there is a human that has jumped the evolutionary ladder and will have to try and save his City, from the Aliens that have them in captivity… Because if he doesn’t, no one can!

The New Face Of Jack Bauer…

by  |  November 9th, 2011  |  News

The New Face Of Jack Bauer...

That’s right folks, according to Deadline: Indian Actor Anil Kapoor (Slumdog Millionaire), who also played Omar Hassan in the last season of the epic TV series 24, with Keifer Sutherland, is about to become the new face of Jack Bauer (literally!) when he brings the series to India. Here is what Anil had to say […]

Chris Rock’s Broadway Debut March 15

by  |  March 7th, 2011  |  News

Chris Rock's Broadway Debut March 15

Actor/Comedian/SNL alumi Chris Rock, who recently starred in 2 Days in New York is set for his Broadway Debut in Stephen Adly Guirgis’ The Motherf**ker With the Hat. According to The Hollywood Reporter. With previews for the play set for March 15th with an April 11 opening at the Gerald Shoenfeld Theatre.  The show was […]

Freeway (1996)

by  |  December 21st, 2010  |  Drama

Freeway (1996)

Vanessa Lutz is a juvenile delinquent on the run. She’s trying to escape a life of dysfunction and despair. She’s heads to the only sanctuary she has… her grandmothers house.

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