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John Goodman

Weekend Box Office Report: The Monsters Of, ‘Monsters University’ Are Sure To Make The Dean’s List!

by  |  June 25th, 2013  |  News

Weekend Box Office Report: The Monsters Of, 'Monsters University' Are Sure To Make The Dean's List!

Weekend Box Office Report For: June 24th, 2013

Poster Art and Trailer for Ben Afleck’s ‘Argo’

by  |  July 4th, 2012  |  News

Poster Art and Trailer for Ben Afleck's 'Argo'

Argo’s story recounts the sensational efforts of the CIA’s rescue operation to release 6 diplomats taken hostage by terrorists in an embassy in 1979. The CIA agents disguised themselves as a Canadian film crew scouting for locations, in order to infiltrate the area. An idea so outlandish that it just might work. And it did. Bringing home 6 people to their families.

An Indepth Look At ParaNorman

by  |  December 12th, 2011  |  News

An Indepth Look At ParaNorman

A few months ago we reported on the movie, ParaNorman: A movie which stars, Kodi Smit-McPhee (Let Me In), Leslie Mann (The Cable Guy) and John Goodman (Roseanne) along with others… Now this movie tells the story of how one kid in a sleepy town is able to see the dearly departed and see’s them […]

An Animated Zombie Movie?

by  |  October 28th, 2011  |  News

An Animated Zombie Movie?

That’s right folks, it looks like according to Filmjunk: Over the years legitimate Zombie movies have come in all shapes and sizes, on the big screen, on the small screen, and even in print!  Now it looks like as an animated movie as well! The movie being the upcoming Laika Entertainment movie, ParaNorman… This movie […]

Bringing Out The Dead (1999)

by  |  February 24th, 2011  |  Drama

Bringing Out The Dead (1999)

In New York City in the early 1990’s there is a paramedic working the grave yard shift. The problem is, is this paramedic has slowly been driving himself insane at the loss of one of the people who he was supposed to have saved! The fun part of it, is none of the other paramedics seem to notice…

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