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Weekend Box Office Report: Elysium… A Hit In The Stars… A Hit Down To Earth!

by  |  August 12th, 2013  |  News

Weekend Box Office Report: Elysium... A Hit In The Stars... A Hit Down To Earth!

The Weekend Box Officer Report For: Aug 9th – 11th

An Early Look At Carnage…

by  |  August 24th, 2011  |  News

An Early Look At Carnage...

Director Roman Polanski, a legendary filmmaker who has been entertaining audiences for years with such classics as, The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967), a movie that he did with his deceased wife, Sharon Tate (12 + 1), Chinatown (1974), with Jack Nicholson (The Shining) and The Ninth Gate (1999) with Johnny Depp (A Nightmare On Elm […]

The Movie That Saved Ronald Reagan’s Life

by  |  June 24th, 2011  |  Blog

The Movie That Saved Ronald Reagan's Life

It was in watching this movie that Hinckley “developed feelings” for Jodie Foster, and set out to do in real life, what Travis Bickle…

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