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The Last Nazi (2009)

by  |  July 31st, 2015  |  Documentary

The Last Nazi (2009)

This documentary gives a look in to the world of a time so far removed from our own… And a perspective of the Nazi party from a few surviving members of the people who had willingly participated in the activities of the worst political party, and the worst group of people in history!

Christopher Lloyd Has Joined, ‘Only Fools And Horses’

by  |  May 1st, 2012  |  News

Christopher Lloyd Has Joined, 'Only Fools And Horses'

Based on the BBC TV series that aired between 1983 – 2003, Only Fools And Horses is an upcoming TV Movie that tells the story of the misadventures of two brothers and their grandfather, as they think up get rich quick schemes in there efforts to become millionaires!

The World Is Going Crazy For Sherlock Holmes!

by  |  December 30th, 2011  |  News

The World Is Going Crazy For Sherlock Holmes!

According to Filmjunk: With the reviews coming out of Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows, being very mixed. It comes as no surprise for the second series of the TV series to be still quite strong! What I mean by this is the BBC’s modern day retelling of the old Sherlock Holmes stories (but in […]

The Dr. Who BBC Special Preview

by  |  December 6th, 2011  |  News

The Dr. Who BBC Special Preview

If your like me who unfortunately missed the original series and the subsequent Doctor Who movies, but did get in to and have since really enjoyed the updated Doctor Who series, then you will remember that just about every year the Christmas episode, rather it be with a newly regenerated ‘Doctor’ (Played by:┬áDavid Tennant) fighting […]

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