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Amy Steel

April Fool’s Day (1986)

by  |  April 2nd, 2012  |  Horror

April Fool's Day (1986)

This movie tells the story of Muffy St. John. She is pretty, she is rich, and now that she has inherited this huge house on an island out in the middle of nowhere, she has decided to invite her friends out for the weekend to test run the place, when there is not gonna be any ferry service for the entire weekend… That is what you want right?

Great Women Of Horror Filming, ‘Tales Of Poe’

by  |  March 27th, 2012  |  News

Great Women Of Horror Filming, 'Tales Of Poe'

Great women of horror are working together on, ‘Tales Of Poe’

Top 10 Horror Movies For Halloween 2011

by  |  October 14th, 2011  |  Blog

Top 10 Horror Movies For Halloween 2011

Halloween… A great time of the year… If your like me then it is that one time of the year that you can justify picking up some great junk food and a whole ton of classic horror movies, and just enjoy a fun horror movie marathon! With that said cialis pills , I thought that […]

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