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Hopeful Romantic; Self-Defense Practitioner; Photographer & Writer; Life-Long Gamer; Cook & Food Enthusiast; Movie & TV Fanatic; Ballroom Dance Teacher.

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The ‘Alien’ Movies: 3 Reasons Why We Keep Coming Back For More

The fans have spoken… and catapulted ‘Prometheus’ to an opening weekend of $50 million. This is no small feat, given that the movie studio had serious fears over whether an R-rated film could deliver the financial goods. But this is Ridley Scott that we’re talking about: The director that set the bar so high with […]

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The Hulk: More Than A Monster

Do you remember the best part about your childhood? For me, there was nothing more thrilling and fun than pretending to be a superhero! My favorite live-action shows included: ‘The Bionic Woman’, ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ (that amount wouldn’t go very far these days!), ‘Electra Woman and Dyna Girl’, ‘Isis’ and ‘Wonder Woman’. I […]

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Chronicle (2012)

Anti-Heroes Need Love, Too! Utter Geek Nirvana… That’s how I’d describe the feeling sweeping over me after watching ‘Chronicle’. This was the first movie release of the year where I didn’t question whether or not I should wait until the DVD came out. I had seen the trailer and felt instantly intrigued by it. After […]

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