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Travis Rink has had several screenplays produced, and a short film, “The Return Of Harry”, which won a Kodak award for Best Comedy Short. He has also done rewrites and work-for-hire for producers on several film projects. In addition to film, Travis has been published in several magazines; he has been a staff writer for a National Lampoon Network affiliated website and was published in "National Lampoon's Not Fit For Print”. Travis also created his own very popular comedy/ satire website with his partner, Elaine Ewing. Travis’s experiences in the business have been written about in number of books, including Bill Mesce’s “Artists On The Art Of Survival”. Both Travis and Elaine are currently involved with Streamin’ Garage network. The brainchild of veteran TV writer/director/producer Mike Rotman, Streamin’ Garage has a full slate of shows currently airing or in production. Through the use of NewTek Tricaster, Streamin’ Garage is currently the only studio streaming live internet content in HD. Travis lives in Los Angeles with his partner Elaine and their cat Alvin.

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10 Things I’ve Learned In My Writing Career: by Travis Rink

Right from the start, we had a “flashing green light”… all the company wanted were “a few minor changes”. I should have known this was not going to be a pleasant experience after our first meeting.

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