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Matthew Dowling, a native Philadelphian, now residing in Los Angeles, is an actor, writer and film maker. Matt's training with 2nd City, and numerous appearances in TV shows, movies, theater, infomercials, and most importantly... B movies, has prepared him for making B Movie recommendations.

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The Movies Sing, Sir Mix-A-Lot’s ‘Baby Got Back’

Sir Mix A Lot’s ‘Baby Got Back’ sung through 295 movie clips edited together!

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11 Memorable Movie Posters Featuring The Twin Towers

It’s been 11 years and we don’t forget. And no matter how much you try to remove the images of the Twin Towers, they still stand prolific and proud on some of those vintage movie posters, and that… you can’t erase. Below is 11 examples of movie posters featuring The Twin Towers that remain unaltered.

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The Dark Knight Rises Tragedy: Understanding The Aftermath

When the event happened, there was so much confusion. People were being separated and scattered to different hospitals, police had to co-ordinate their activities to apprehend the suspect. Medical personal had to…

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The Aggression Scale (2012)

A jogger runs through the sleepy suburbs of her neighborhood and upon returning from her morning run, she is blasted through the gut as she opens her front door. Why? What did she do? Who was she? This is repeated in several bite sized vignettes, as other victims are disposed of with a matter of […]

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20 Questions with: ‘Brake’ screenwriter Timothy Mannion

Join us as we talk to screenwriter Timothy Mannion about his new film ‘Brake’ starring Stephen Dorff. Timothy also shares his thoughts on the new Digital Hollywood and…

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Top 10 Celebrity Guests on Sesame Street

a perfect moment preserved in time, whether it is the artist himself performing at his perfect best or it is the art itself that is perfect once created, a perfect moment is preserved

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AwesomeBMovies.com Presents: Open Call For Horror “Short Films”

You can make it scary, funny, moody, ironic, vampire, zombies, werewolves, aliens or something completely unique and fun! Deadline is Monday October 24th if you’d like to be considered.

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The Los Angeles Ripper (2011)

On Friday August 26, 2011 at 1.00 am (technically Saturday) ‘The Los Angeles Ripper’¬†screened for the first time in public. The Los Angeles Ripper opened to a packed theater, reminding the audience of what a “Midnight Movie” was, and what it could be once again. The Los Angeles Ripper directed by Craig McIntyre, tells the […]

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Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (2011)

Before long, the family discovers a mysterious sealed door that has been walled over and hidden. It leads to the basement and more importantly, the ash pit. The ash pit is where the creatures dwell. Note to families moving into a new house – if you find a mysterious door hidden behind a wall, it’s like that for a reason, leave it alone. Better yet, move!

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The Movie That Saved Ronald Reagan’s Life

It was in watching this movie that Hinckley “developed feelings” for Jodie Foster, and set out to do in real life, what Travis Bickle…

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The Burning (1981)

It all starts out 5 years earlier, when a group of campers attempt to play the usual “prank gone wrong” on their mean groundskeeper. To make a long story short, they set him on fire, and horribly disfigure him (hence “The Burning”). After that, he spends the next 5 years recovering and freaking out the hospital staff with his horrible grotesque scars and burns. In fact, some of the staff even dare each other to go in and look at him.

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The Tomb of Ligeia (1964)

Here’s an oldie but a goodie! Once upon a time Edgar Allan Poe wrote a short story, then Roger Corman came a long to direct a movie out of it with Vincent Price starring in it. Need I say more? We all know that Corman has a reputation for cranking out B movies. And for […]

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From the Original Pressbook: ‘Coffy’ (1973)

Back in the old days of cinema a company existed called National Screen Service. Or NSS for short. NSS was in charge and responsible for all the advertising and promotion of all the films in Hollywood. Big and small, NSS would cut trailers, radio spots, lobby cards, 1 sheets, half sheets, inserts heralds, you name it.

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The Prowler (1981)

However, I do have a few unanswered questions?
1. Is The Prowler intended to be funny? If so, it’s not all that funny.
2. Was this movie intended to be serious? If that’s the case, then it’s actually kind of funny.

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Charlie Sheen: Why We Still Love Him!

In 2009, on behalf of the public, Charlie Sheen demanded answers for the 9/11 attacks in NY from President Barack Obama in…

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Land of Doom (1986)

Throughout the night, they exchange in witty banter as Anderson spews out platitudes about rebuilding civilization and helping his fellow man, etc. It’s not until the wounded Anderson shoots

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Japans Hardship’s: Eerily Predicted In Hollywood Films

Second there was, Tidal Wave aka Japan is Sinking (1974)… Produced by the legendary master of B movies Roger Corman, Tidal Wave starred once again, the late Lorne Greene. It also featured an appearance by director Joe Dante in a mostly Japanese cast. I think I saw this on TV when I was a kid after an episode of Quincey M.E. There isn’t very much available for this film and it’s hard to find even a trailer for it. Tidal Wave tells the story of a massive earthquake that hits japan and the impending tsunami headed straight for Japan in the aftermath.

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Remembering Corey Haim 1971-2010

When I woke up last year on 3/10/10, my voice mail was filled with messages from family and friends, trying to cushion me from the news that morning. But it was too late, I was having my coffee and watching the KTLA 5, when the mornings news revealed that child actor Corey Haim had passed […]

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‘The Wright Stuff Vol. 2’ (part 2)

Edgar Wright also commented how rare it is for a made TV movie to go from TV to getting a theatrical release the following year. Though he couldn’t make it himself, Spielberg sent this email to Edgar Wright to read before the film…

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Smile (1975)

Big Bob’s the kind of guy who looks forward to his weekly lodge meetings, where the members get dressed up in white sheets and hoods, have barbecues and delight in hazing new members.

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The Warriors (1979)

I asked both of them, “Do you guys have any idea how cool this movie really is?” They look at each other blankly, then turned to me and I kid you not… Walter Hill asks me, “What movie?” He was dead serious. I replied, “The Warriors man! You guys built that one to last!”

Ben Stiller & Jack Black’s Lost TV Pilot: Heat Vision & Jack (1999)

Look for an intro where Stiller brags about his Emmy win for his short lived TV series on FOX, The Ben Stiller Show. Also, takes a playful jab at George Lucas. Of course Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Owen Wilson would go on to…

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The New Beverly Cinema Gets It Wright: ‘The Wright Stuff Vol. 2’ (part 1)

Landis, gave praise to American Graffiti, calling it, “A beautiful piece of art.” Perhaps, having dismissed it to casually previously. He further pointed out, that the “where are they now” tags in American Graffiti, had Dreyfuss’ character living in Canada as a writer. It was a subtle touch on Lucas’ part.

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(almost) Meeting Stan Lee: Our Super Hero!

Stan Lee arrives, he’s surrounded by a rouge band of blood thirsty mercenaries! What the hell is going on here? Should I call 911? Is Stan in trouble? Does he need my help? Then I slowly begin to realize they’re his security detail. Think I’m exaggerating?

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DVD Artwork for SAG Award Screeners: The King’s Speech & The Social Network

This year, technology has brought us many industry first’s. Namely, the voting is being held online, unlike previous years where you would get the secret ballot in the mail, though you can still request that option if you so choose.

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