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Josh James is a screenwriter and playwright currently based in New York City, author of the original screenplays A Black Heart (Bunce Media & Captivate Entertainment) A Natural High (Videe This Inc) and The Jones Party (Barking Dog Productions). Josh also adapted Peter Biskind’s book Down & Dirty Pictures into a screenplay, wrote the thriller Block Island for Adler Gray Productions and a production polish on LLeju’s Road Kill, directed by John Stockwell. He is the author of many plays that have been produced all over New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, London and all across the United States.

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Red Rock West (1993)

Cage gets mistaken for a hired killer and rather than turn down the large amount of money being offered, he…

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F/X (1986)

He’s approached by a government agent who wants him to “rig” the death of a Mafia captain…

Code Of Silence (1985)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Chuck Norris is a tough Chicago cop on the edge … Walks into a bar filled with lowlifes, looking for a missing girl. The lowlifes give Chuck a hard time … Chuck takes a stand and … and … … and gets his cop-ass KICKED by the bar […]

The Reivers (1969)

Boon Hoggenbeck: Sometimes you have to say goodbye to the things you know and hello to the things you don’t! For all you McQueen fans out there, I’d be willing to bet there’s one classic film of his you’re not as familiar with. It’s a comic coming of age story based on a Faulkner short […]

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Quest for Fire (1981)

Guerre du feu, La (1981), or by its USA title, Quest For Fire, is a simple story. A group of cavemen (and women) barely survive, and what keeps them going is their fire, which they guard with their lives and tend constantly. They keep it going because it gives them warmth and life. They know […]

Hard Times (1975)

Our country is mired in a desperate economic recession… and it naturally made me think of Walter Hill’s excellent depression era film Hard Times (1975) about a bare knuckle fighter (Charles Bronson) who is way too old to be doing what he’s doing and the degenerate gambler (James Coburn) who schemes to make money off […]

Quick Change (1990)

Bank Guard: What the Hell kind of clown are you? Grimm: The crying on the inside kind, I guess. Quick Change is comedy the way comedies should be made. It’s not pie in your face but character-based, and it’s also a barbed-wire Valentine for the city of New York, to boot. Three bank robbers, Bill […]

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Cadillac Man (1990)

Cadillac Man (1990), starring Robin Williams and Tim Robbins, among others. It’s about a car salesman who will literally try and sell anybody, anywhere (at one point he pitches people at a funeral procession) and who is not only good at his job, loves it, and loves the many women still in his life. And […]

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My Bodyguard (1980)

My Bodyguard is a simply awesome flick, one of the best teen films of the eighties. Wait, that’s a challenging statement. Let me offer up some context. Now there’s no doubt that John Hughes RULED the eighties when it came to films for teens, no argument there – he went on a run that began […]

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Rob Roy (1995)

An existential action flick about Scottish guys in kilts going on about honor during the middle ages? Really? You bet. It wouldn’t get the attention that Braveheart did a year later, but for my money, Rob Roy (1995) is as good, if not better. While a smaller film in terms of scope (there are no […]

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My Name Is Nobody (1973)

Two things go straight to a man’s heart, bullets and gold. -Leader of the Wild Bunch The Unheralded Classic Cool Movie you should know about today is Mio nome è Nessuno, Il (1973), or by it’s USA title, My Name Is Nobody. Don’t let the Italian fool ya, it’s in English and it’s good. One […]

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Streets Of Fire (1984)

For fans of kickass movies, it doesn’t get much more awesome than Walter Hill’s Streets of Fire (1984), which, for whatever reason, didn’t connect when originally released. Which was too bad, because it truly is a classic noir action flick in its own right … set in another time, another place, it combines music and […]

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The Blood of Heroes (1989)

Okay, so this recommendation is a personal favorite of mine – Mara: I don’t like brutality. I like heroics. I like the blood of heroes. Yep, my choice is The Blood of Heroes. Some of you are probably going, “Wha . . .? The blood of?” It’s a sci-fi post-apocalyptical sport movie from 1989. Yes, […]

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