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Escape Plan (2013)

by  |  September 6th, 2017  |  Action/Adventure

IMG_4103Ok, so Arnold Schwarzenegger (Commando) & Sylvester Stallone (Cobra)… Beyond the fact that it is kind of cool the fact that both of them are friends, and used to be co-owners of Planet Hollywood… I always thought that it would be kind of cool to see them do a movie together!

Unfortunately, for most of my life I never really got to see them work together… It was not until the last few years when Sylvester Stallone kind of basically did a series that brought a lot of the greatest action stars from about the 1970s on up to the 1990s… That movie of course being The Expendables (2010)!

That was a great film that got to see almost a sort of big push by some of the true greats from back in the day to finally come together for a real nice come back notice!

And Escape Plan (2013) is another great one!

Written by: Miles Chapman (Cybergeddon), Jason Keller (Mirror Mirror) & Directed by: Mikael Håfström (1408). Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Jm Caviezel (The Thin Red Line), Faran Tahir (Star Trek), Amy Ryan (Goosebumps), Sam Neill (Event Horizon), Vincent D’Onofrio (Men In Black), 50 Cent (Spy) & Caitriona Balfe (Money Monster).

“Heh heh. You hit like a vegetarian!” – A quote from the movie, Escape Plan (2013)!

This movie told the awesome story of Ray Breslin (Stallone), and the one prison he may not actually able to escape from!

Ray Breslin in the one prison he may not be able to break out from!

Ray Breslin in the one prison he may not be able to break out from!

You see Ray has devoted his life to ensuring that criminals are not able to escape from prison inserting himself in to the chaos of prison life by inserting himself in to a prison as a prisoner and then escaping for money… His latest prison though is one that he might not be able to escape from on his own!

You see the CIA wants Ray to go in to one of the latest CIA blacksite prisons and try to escape… Now this blacksite prison is one of those places where governments could dump their truly undesireable people!

What Ray doesn’t know, is that he is apart of a bigger plan… And if he is going to escape, he is going to have to learn to trust and grow a team that includes an international criminal by the name of Rottmayer (Schwarzenegger) and so much more!

These guys really want to break out of that prison!

These guys really want to break out of that prison!

Now this movie is actually pretty awesome! It has everything that makes modern action films great action movies, including: great action sequences, great special effects, and a fun story… But honestly, what I like… Is that Sylvester Stallone really did try to collect some major talent from back in the day and bring them back in to prominence again! And this movie, which included Arnold Schwarzenegger, who had only just been back in the world of acting for a few years… And Sam Neil as well as Jim Caviezel (both of whom had been doing TV for a few years…) All of whom are in this movie… Is pretty brilliant!

Nathan Strack


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