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Is The Original Cast Going To Make The Terminator Great Again?

by  |  July 25th, 2017  |  News

Is this cast coming back for the next Terminator movie?

Is this cast coming back for the next Terminator movie?

In 1984, James Cameron (Aliens), Arnold Schwarzenegger (Predator), Michael Biehn (Navy Seals) & Linda Hamilton (Beauty & The Beast) came together to make one of the most hugely popular sci-fi movies of all time!

Since then most have left not to return really… I mean Michael Biehn ended his run when his character died in part 1, and the footage they filmed with him in it for part 2 was not used. Linda Hamilton retired her participation after part 2… And even Arnold Schwarzenegger stopped doing the role, and let others take over the series for awhile…

But with James Cameron taking back the rights to the movie series, and with the most recent sequel having some really bad reviews… There are rumors that James Cameron is coming back to the series!

And with the possible return of James Cameron to direct the next and possibly final installment in the franchise… According to Sciified… An interview was done recently with Michael Biehn in which he floated the possibility that both he and Linda Hamilton could return to the roles that made the franchise great…

Of course with the movie being over 30 years old… To be able to do this… James Cameron will likely have to CGI make them young again… And you know what? When you consider the fact that, that is becoming more common when it comes to older actors reprising roles that they played when they were younger… We’ll see… Maybe the original cast will make the Terminator great again!

Till then, check out this trailer for the original movie… Also the interview done with Michael Biehn himself!


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