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Superman: Brainiac Attacks (2006)

by  |  June 24th, 2017  |  Animation

IMG_1227Written by: Duane Capizzi (Superman/Doomsday) & Directed by: Curt Geda (Batman: The Mystery Of The Batwoman). Starring: Tim Daly (Wings), Powers Boothe (Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D), Dana Delaney (Fly Away Home), Lance Henriksen (The Terminator), George Dzundza (The Deer Hunter), David Kaufman (Pearl Harbor) & Tara Strong (Princess Monoke).

“I think Lois will be just fine as long as Superman and Clark Kent are here to look out for. – Clark Kent/Superman (A quote from, Superman: Brainiac Attacks (2006))”

So if you guys are as big a fan of DC and Superman as I am… Well this story isn’t one of the best that the man of steel has been apart of, but it is definitely a good one! You see, this movie tells the story of how a bitter Lex Luthor (Boothe) who is annoyed with Superman’s constant heroics and how Metropolis loves him for it vs. how Metropolis hates Luthor for his constant attempts at world dominaton. and When Brainiac (Henriksen) an evil super computer comes to earth and looses a battle with Superman, Luthor allies himself with the villanous computer in an attempt to discredit and destroy Superman… Or so Luthor thinks… Brainiac has an agenda for long after the man of steel is dead!

This movie is certainly worth it, it may not be the greatest in the DC catalogue, but it is well worth watching… I liked it, and you might as well!

Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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