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The Black Gestapo (1975)

by  |  June 11th, 2015  |  Exploitation, Thriller


Don’t get me wrong, the Hollywood mainstream is not completely bereft of ideas, or ways of doing movies, but the truth is, is that the Hollywood Mainstream of today would have butchered these classics had they made them today… And frankly, I don’t think the Hollywood of yesterday would have understood how to make these types of movies!

All of this is I believe what makes up such great classics such as, Black Belt Jones (1974), or Friday Foster (1975), I mean you create an era specific script that utilizes primarily actors and or actresses that would fit the mold for that script (i,e… primarily Black people for blaxploitation films (since Blaxploitation movies primarily focus on a cast that is comprised principally of black people,) or primarily women for sexploitation… (well lets be honest here, sexploitation and soft core porn or more or less one in the same… etc…) And then you get some great special effects, and some truly awesome talent, and that is what makes up in my opinion a great exploitation movie!

And you know what? The Black Gestapo (1975) Is no different!

Written by: Lee Frost (Policewoman), Wes Bishop (Race With The Devil) & also Directed by: Lee Frost. Starring: Rod Perry (The Black Godfather), Charles Robinson (Sugar Hill), Phil Hoover (Baker’s Hawk), Angela Brent, Donna Young (Five Loose Women), Charles Howerton (Chaplin) & Rai Tasco (To Sleep With Anger).

First off let me say that I have wanted to see this movie pretty much ever since I discovered the whole Blaxploitation sub-genre of exploitation films… For all the reasons that I mentioned above, but also because I found the concept to be completely fascinating being a fan of history, and being most directly fascinated with World War 2 and the 1970s, and the civil rights movement… Which I believe this movie gets it’s inspiration from the original Nazi, Gestapo during world war 2, and the whole Black Panther movement that was going in the 1970s!

You see this movie tells the story of an Army that had been set up for minority people in the lower income areas of Los Angeles to help to kind of ween people off drugs and other sorts of stereotypical stuff that has been associated with garbage in that area!

General Ahmed and his soldiers as they are checking out one of the, ‘People’s Army’ detox stations…

Well this Army, which is called, ‘The People’s Army’ and which is being led by a man who just wants to help his community grow and recuperate from the crime, drugs, etc… that had been plaguing his neighborhood, by the name of General Ahmed (Perry)… But his right had man has a whole different idea!

You see his right hand man, Colonel Kojah (Robinson), wants to use the People’s Army to start a race war, and eventually take over… (He used similar tones that Adolf Hitler did during World War 2 to stir up the Germans of that time… Including revenge for injustices and the like…)

Well after he gets some approval from General Ahmed… Colonel Kojah ends up expanding his army quickly, and uses the rape of a black woman by the name of, ‘Marsha’ (Brent) by a couple of hooligans from one of the local crime syndicates as a pre-text to expand his Army even quicker and go to war with white people…

Colonel Kojah as he begins to quickly expand his, ‘Black Gestapo’!

In the end all Kojah wants is power and will try to get it in anyway he can… but the more kindly leader of the original People’s Army, General Ahmed just wants the end to the garbage that has been infecting the mean streets, and to have peaceful coexistence with the rest of his Angelino brethren…

Unfortunately though it will be up to him and the remaining members of the original Army to stop Kojah, before Kojah destroys everything that the, ‘People’s Army’ was meant to represent!

In the end, if you are looking for a fun groovey blast from the past, with some strong fascinating historical overtones attached to it, then check this one out, it is fun, and I think you might find it to be as well!

Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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