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Planet Hulk (2010)

by  |  June 1st, 2015  |  Animation


But you know what, despite that, I have to admit that one of my individually favorite comic book characters was… And still is, ‘The Incredible Hulk’. I mean this guy can truly kick some truly epic ass!

With that in mind, since I was a kid one of the things I have tried to do is whenever I came across a new movie/tv show/comic, etc… I have tried to get to it the first chance I got, and you know what? generally speaking I have found that usually I am not disappointed!

I mean there are different variations on the basic look and attitude of the, ‘Hulk’ as the artists take creative liberty with the character/story line, etc… But no matter if he is a drooling animal with the potential to become Bruce Banner, or a mostly angry super man, the people who make the character come to life no matter the incarnation usually end up doing a good job… And, Planet Hulk (2010) is no different!

Written by: Greg Pak (Robot Stories), Greg Johnson (X-Men: Evolution) & Directed by: Sam Liu (Hulk Vs.). Starring: Rick D. Wasserman (The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes), Lisa Ann Belay (Street Fighter: The Animated Series), Mark Hildreth (Dragon Ball Z), Liam O’Brien (Afro Samurai: Resurrection), Kevin Michael Richardson (The Cleveland Show), Sam Vincent (Krypto The Superdog) & Paul Dobson (Hulk Vs.)

I’ll be honest with you guys and say that the first time I tried to watch this movie I couldn’t get through it… I know, you might be wondering why I am recommending a movie that I couldn’t stand to sit through the first time!

Well the truth is, is this movie is quite different from any other version of, ‘The Hulk’ that I had seen and in all truth I hadn’t given this movie the attention that this movie truly deserved!

You see this movie had, ‘The Hulk’ more as a super monster that had taken control of Bruce Banner, but instead of being a psychotic animal that has almost no intelligence, this version of, ‘The Hulk’, was more some one who was angry at the whole world, and mostly wanted to be left alone, but because he was so angry, he would get stronger and stronger the more people pushed him!

Various superheroes from Earth as they are leaving their goodbye message to the, ‘Hulk’ as they send him to his new home…

And this element of, ‘The Hulk’ was utilized real nicely in this movie, when in this movie, the super heroes of Earth decide that it is finally time to get rid of him and send him off to another planet…

Well what the super heroes hadn’t realized is that he had unintentionally changed the direction of the ship to a planet that was under the vice gripe of a leader by the name of, ‘The Red King’ (Hildreth).

Now at first Hulk just wants to be left alone, but when he is captured and put in to a gladiatorial games, he will end up starting on a journey that will not only find him saving a world that is not his own, but maybe even to find a place that he can call home!

This, ‘Hulk’ is more of an unhappy loner, and is just trying to figure out how to escape his imprisonment vs. trying to fit in with his captive brethren!

In the end this movie is truly a lot of fun, I mean in the 90s really up to the present there has been a series of the animated movies that are based on Marvel Superheroes that have gotten better and better as each successive movie gains the winning formula, and this movie maybe the best of the movies based on, ‘The Hulk’ because in the end, this movie has it’s main star as more of a frustrated and hate filled loner vs. the psychotic animal from the previous movies!

So if you have a chance, check it, and if you don’t like it the first time, try it again, you might find that you like it the second time… I know I did!

Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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