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Holy Missing Sidekick Batman… Where’s Robin?

by  |  June 24th, 2015  |  Blog  |  1 Comment

Robin with Batman in the first big screen appearance of the dynamic duo ever!

Since the 1940s, (in both comic book form, as well as in movie form… As well as several iterations, in both animated and non-animated TV shows,) Robin, (The Boy Wonder,) has served as Batman’s faithful, and important sidekick, as well as, as his ward (and some what adopted son…)

As a matter of fact, in a very large way, for most of the time that we have had the, ‘Dark Knight’ entertaining audiences all over the world, we have had Robin kicking ass along side Batman!

In the first Batman serials, Batman & Robin are fighting a crafty Japanese scientist who is trying to turn American Scientists in to Zombies,  Again in the next serial, they are seen fighting a Wizard in the late 40s. In the 60s they atr fighting many characters in the live action TV series that we all know and love… And even leading up to the slightly more cheesy… But still (at least in my opinion,) fun 90s live action movies with Chris O’Donnell (Scent Of A Woman) as Robin!

So what has happened to the, ‘Boy Wonder’? Where has he gone?

Batman in the shadows… Where is Robin?

Now I get that Robin has gone through a lot of different iterations in the last 20 years, and that he is not with Batman so much in some capacities…

But let’s put it like this… For almost all animated cases, Batman and Robin have always pretty much been a team… Maybe not the same character taking over the role of Robin… But still… Robin never-the-less… (With the exception of: Batman Beyond… But you can’t really count that one, because the cartoon takes place way in the future, when not even, ‘Bruce Wayne’ is, ‘Batman’ anymore…)

As a matter of fact, in the live action TV show, Batman always had Robin fighting alongside him, (In this iteration I am talking about the TV show starring Adam West (Family Guy) as, ‘Batman/Bruce Wayne’ and, Burt Ward as, ‘Robin/Dick Grayson’,)


Adam West (Batman) with Burt Ward (Robin) in the classic 1960s, ‘Batman’ TV series!

I will grant you that in the Michael Keaton (Mr. Mom) Batman movies that there never was a, ‘Robin’ in it… (And trust me when I say that if he had done a 3rd Batman movie, it would have sucked with Robin in it!)

But the later Batman movies did have Robin in it… and where as I do know that most people did not like those movies… I did, and I have to say that they were better because of Chris O’Donnell’s performance as, (The Boy Wonder!)

And so I ask again… Where is he?

He knows what I am talking about…

Now I do get that Batman and a version of Robin have been fighting side by side in the cartoons (and well that Robin may not be, ‘Dick Grayson’ (The name of the first Robin’s secret identity,) but that new Robin was actually pretty darn impressive!)

I also know that in the comics, that at least some of comic book series, that Robin is now apart of the, ‘Titans’ and their various iterations… But what about the movies?

I mean he was absent through just about all of the Christopher Nolan (Inception), ‘Dark Knight’ movies… Which were great films… But I do have to ask… If he had done another Batman movie, ‘Would Joseph Gordon-Levitt have been Robin?” Is he going to be playing Robin in the upcoming movie: Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016)?

Where is Robin? When will we get to see, (The Boy Wonder,) back on the big screen again?

Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.


  1. Ross Snyder Jr

    July 12th, 2015at 5:16 PM(#)

    To answer your question: Yes there is suppose to be a robin in the upcoming movie, specifically Carrie Kelly from the Dark Knight returns comic as the film draws much (but not all) its inspiration from. I don’t know if she has a cameo or a supporting role or something in between though.

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