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Weekend Box Office Report: ‘Mr. Peabody’ & Sherman Take Their Place In Box Office History

by  |  March 16th, 2014  |  News

‘Mr. Peabody & Sherman’ went through time and beat the competition, to make it in to the first place spot for the weekend!

According to:  Box Office Mojo

Mr. Peabody & Sherman (2013), the sure fire animated classic that is based on the classic cartoon from the old, Rocky & Bullwinkle segment from the 50s & the 60s, and which stars: Ty Burrell (Dawn Of The Dead), Max Charles (The Amazing Spider-Man) & Ariel Winter (Modern Family) jumped through time and in to first place for its second weekend in the theaters, having pulled in a solid $21,200,000 in this weekend’s box office!

At number 2 we have another historic movie that is in it’s second week, with the movie, 300: Rise Of An Empire (2014).  This movie which was the sequel to 2006’s, 300 made it in to second place having pulled in $19,105,000 in the box office for the weekend!

And the next one up on the block is the big screen adaption of the classic video game, ‘Need For Speed’… And with, Need For Speed having pulled in a respectable $17,808,000 for the weekend, this movie has made it in to third place for it’s opening weekend! At number 4 we have the non-stop action packed sure fire high flying classic, Non-Stop (2014) which has continued to do respectably in the box office, having pulled in a solid $10,615,000 in this weekend’s box office. And last but certainly not least we have, Tyler Perry’s The Single Mom’s Club (2014)… This movie did well having pulled in a decent $8,300,000 in this weekend’s box office!

For it’s opening weekend, ‘Tyler Perry’s Single Moms Club’ managed to hang in there in the box office for the weekend, having pulled a 5th place ranking!

It looks like folks, in the world of the big screen this weekend… That the time traveling dog and his human companion are kings of the screen!

In Summary:

1. Mr. Peaboy & Sherman = $21,200,000 Million Dollars

2. 300: Rise Of An Empire = $19,105,000 Million Dollars

3. Need For Speed = $17,808,000 Million Dollars

4. Non-Stop = $10,615,000 Million Dollars

5. Tyler Perry’s Single Mom’s Club = $8,300,000 Million Dollars

For more information on the number #1 in this weekend’s box office,  please check out this trailer for, Mr. Peabody & Sherman (2014):


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