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Iron Man 3 (2013)

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The cast of Iron Man 3 assembles for one fo the most lavish movie premieres to kick off the summer blockbusters at The El Capitan Theater on Hollywood Blvd.

If you’re wondering what movie is going to be this years top blockbuster, hands down it will prove to be Iron Man 3! The third of the Iron Man franchise is undeniably amazing and “Marvel-ous” (especially in 3-D.) I attended the Hollywood Premier with Matthew Dowling (CEO of AwesomeBMovies.com) and let me tell you it was a truly spectacular!


Ben Kingsley steals the scenes with his portrayal of Tony’s arch nemesis, The Mandarin.

In this installment Tony Stark aka Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) is on a quest to not only protect the woman he loves most Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), but also save the world from a mad terrorist called the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley). I loved the villain the Mandarin because he was chillingly realistic and very relevant to modern times. Ben Kingsley definitely gets mega points in my book for bringing to life a crazy, scary and believable mad man.

Early on in the film Stark, who’s still struggling with his post-traumatic-stress from the events that occurred in New York (ala The Avengers), has now developed an unnatural addiction to his Iron Man suite as his coping mechanism.

After his closest friend Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) is nearly killed during what appears to be a terrorist attack, Tony is triggered to launch an all out man hunt for revenge and retribution on the Mandarin.

In the midst of all his heroic Iron Man antics Stark starts to realize he is getting older and needs to make some major decisions and changes in his personal life.

The characters in this film are incredibly dynamic and completely entertaining. Guy Pearce (Memento 2000) is a welcome addition to the series and delivers a fun and fresh performance as Aldrich Killian who leaves the audience on the edge of their seats!


Released on April 26th overseas – Iron Man 3 has already begun to out Box Office ‘The Avengers’ by millions of dollars.

The graphic effects in this movie are so good you really start to believe that Iron Man is real and that this could really happen, the direction of Iron Man 3 was brillant in all senses and really captures the audience. Without giving away too many of the parts that make this movie such a great view I must say a personal favorite is towards the end of the film when Pepper Potts gets to have her 15 minutes of ass kicking fame! I loved every minute of it and you’ll know the scene when you see it!

It’s awesome seeing director Shane Black do such an amazing job taking on this 3rd film, while preserving that essence that original director Jon Favreau created with Iron Man and Iron Man 2 that makes these movies so special. As a footnote, Shane Black and Robert Downey Jr had excellent chemistry as director/actor in 2005’s Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.


Iron Man creator Stan Lee walks the red carpet with IM3 actress Gweneth Paltrow, answering questions as they went a long.


AwesomeBMovies.com’s very own Candace Valentino and Matthew Dowling also attended the red carpet premiere for ‘Iron Man 3’ at The El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles.

Don’t forget to look for Iron Man’s creator and comic book legend Stan Lee in Iron Man 3, true to form he has his “Hitchcockian Cameo” in this one too.

So, if you find yourself standing in line for IM3, don’t worry, it will be well worth the wait!


More awesome photos of the Iron Man 3 premiere in Hollywood

Skype Events had a booth set up on the red carpet where the family and friends of US Armed Forces were able to talk to each other via a Skype live feed from the red carpet.Iron Man 3 stars stopped of as they entered the theater to say hi and wish them well. You can read more about that here.


Here’s some cool marquee shots with the Iron Man 3 cast!


Iron Man 3… starring Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark aka Iron Man!


Gweneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts!


Don Cheadle as Colonel James Rhodes aka Iron Patriot/War Machine!

Jon Favreau-Iron-Man-3-Premiere-Marquee

Also starring – Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan/Executive Producer!


and Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian!


with Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin!


*A big thanks to Donna Suffling and Tom Hall over at 1,000 Heads, the hard working team at Skype Events, and of course Disney and Marvel for inviting us to share in the festivities!



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    Loved Iron man 3! I need to see it in 3d

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