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Black Rain (1989)

by  |  January 23rd, 2013  |  Action/Adventure

Black Rain 1The 80s through to the early 90s were a truly great time for the action movie genre, I mean there have been great action films to come out before the 80s, and there were some truly great action films to come out since the early 90s… But for me there is nothing like a solid Action movie from the 80s through the early 90s for the following reasons:

1. The sound tracks are phenomenal! I mean I was told at one point that the ultimate way to start off a movie is for some big action sequence to begin the film… And those are fun, but for my money, nothing starts a great action movie better then a great song that really sets the mood of the movie up right! (I think that is why James Bond movies have been starting their movies off that way!)

2. Another great thing is the actors! I mean these guy and girls (who ever they maybe really seem to take the role and make it there own!)

3. The last thing that I thought that I would mention here is the story line… I mean it has everything! Great action moments, such amazing character development, drama, you name it!

And you know what? Black Rain (1989) has all of that and so much more!

Written by: Craig Boloton (No Small Affair), Warren Lewis (U-4000) and Directed by: Ridley Scott (Blade Runner). Starring: Michael Douglas (The Game), Andy Garcia (The Godfather Part 3), Ken Takakura (Railroad Man), Kate Capshaw (SpaceCamp), Yûsaku Matsuda (The Family Game) and Shigeru Kôyama (Douki).

Black Rain has to do with the story of how two New York Police Detectives by the name of Nick Conklin (Douglas), a divorced man who is over extended on his financial responsibilities to his ex-wife and children, and has been on the job for so long and has seen so much that he has a little dirt around his long career… The other New York Detective is a Detective by the name of Charlie Vincent (Garcia), a young fresh faced Detective… Who you might say is the clean side to Conklin’s grime…

Nick Conklin (Douglas) and Charlie Vincent (Garcia).

Nick Conklin (Douglas) and Charlie Vincent (Garcia).

Either way, one day, these 2 Detectives are sitting down to lunch at a local diner, when a Japanese man by the name of ‘Sato’ (Matsuda) comes in and kills 2 of his compatriots and then takes off…

Seeing this go down, the two Detectives go off after Sato to take him down… Of course when Sato almost kills Conklin, Conklin makes it personal and gets upset when the Japanese government gets the U.S. Government to have the 2 NYPD detectives take Sato home… So off they head to Japan (With Sato only slightly worse for wear.)

When they get there though, Conklin turns him over to a couple of people claiming to be a part of the Osaka Prefecture Police Department (Only they aren’t…)

Upset, both Charlie and Conklin get approval to stay and help in the investigation… One that they, and their Japanese Detective Partner will never forget!

In the end folks, this movie is pretty amazing, and if you get a chance to see it, you might like it as well!

Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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