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McHale’s Navy (1997)

by  |  November 27th, 2012  |  Comedy

I happened to not have a chance to see the old McHale’s Navy TV show with Earnest Borgnine (Escape From New York), which is unfortunate, you see back in the 1990s, the studios had begun making big screen adaptions of certain old time TV shows, such as, McHale’s Navy, Sgt. Bilko, and most recently, Dark Shadows, and soon to be releasing, The Lone Ranger

Now I happened to be able to catch the old Sgt. Bilko show (or as it was known, as the Phil Silvers Show) as well as the remake that was made, with Steve Martin (Father Of The Bride) and I was able to catch up with the old ‘Lone Ranger’ TV series, as well as the fact that I was able to watch the McHale’s Navy remake!

And I gotta say that I was really quite pleased with all of them!

Written by: Peter Crabbe (Car 54 Where Are You) and Directed by: Bryan Spicer (Terra Nova). Starring: Tom Arnold (True Lies), Dean Stockwell (Quantum Leap), Debra Messing (Along Came Polly), Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead), David Alan Grier (Jumanji), Danton Stone (He Said She Said), French Stewart (3rd Rock From The Sun), Brian Haley (Mars Attacks!), Henry Cho (Material Girls), and Tim Curry (The Hunt For Red October).

McHale’s Navy tells the story of an inept Naval Base on one of the Caribbean Island’s and their former CO by the name of Quinton McHale (Arnold) that now supplies the guys with everything they need… That is until a hard ass Captain by the name of Wallace B. Binghampton (Stockwell) takes over the idiot base, and McHale is brought out of retirement, when one of his former nemesis decides to make a deal with the local Island Governor of the Caribbean Island that happens to be one of McHale’s favorites!

Captain Binghampton (Stockwell) as he is inspecting his new troops!

The way this works out you see, is that after this terrorist who goes by the name of Major Vladiko0v (Curry) decides to destroy McHale and his little Island oasis, McHale has enough and saddles up with a repaired boat and his old crew, to take out Vladikov before he can complete his fiendish plan!

Now in the end, the best part of this movie I have to admit, is the script and just how amusing the actors were in bringing the comedy out of the script, and in to the TV screen!

The last thing that I thought that I should probably mention here, is just about how amazing well done Bruce Campbell did in this movie, I mean when I first went in to this movie I was a fan of the work that Mr. Campbell had done in the world of Horror movies, what with having done such amazing classics as, Maniac Cop (1988) and The Evil Dead (1981), but by this point I had not seen him in anything with comedic value to it… And you know what? I thought he was amazing as a comedian!

In all truth I have to admit that going in to the movie for the first time that I did not see him as a comedian in any real light, but after seeing him in this movie and the slapstick antics that he got in to with the rest of the cast in this movie, I have to admit that I was quite pleased!

In the end, if your looking for a fun remake, that you will laugh your ass off at, then you might try this one, it is rather hilarious!


Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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