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Solar Force (1995)

by  |  August 5th, 2012  |  Sci Fi

When I was a kid, one of my favorite genres was Science Fiction. That goes for both movies and books. I have a lot of stuff from many authors of the genre, from Isaac Asimov to your basic Star Trek or Star Wars book… That’s goes the same for SciFi Movies as well. I have seen so many Sci Fi movies, that I have seen everything from the entire series of Star Trek to the entire Alien series.

With that said, there has not been many Sci Fi movie that has fascinated me as much as the movie Solar Force has…

I found this out when I happen to be in a music store one day and decided to buy it as one of those impulse buys a few years ago. I wasn’t expecting to much from this film that had up till recently been for me mostly unknowns. When I got it home though, boy was I wrong!

Written by: Terrence Paré and Directed by: Boaz Davidson (The Expendables 2) and starring: Michael Paré (Streets Of Fire), Billy Drago (Guncrazy) and Walker Brandt (Dante’s Peak)

Solar Force tells the story of humanity that has been divided in to two distinctly separate societies due to a cataclysm on Earth, which has made the Earth virtually uninhabitable.

The first of these societies are those that still live on the earth. They are mostly a loose collection of people in small villages scattered all over the place (where ever they can find water and plant food), that have one basic unifying factor. Survival for themselves in the lawless world. Now the rest of the world are roving bands of people who enjoy the idea of taking other peoples stuff for their own survival… Basically an apocalyptic waste land!

The second society are significantly different, and in most every way are living significantly better then their brethren on the planet. They have a way to keep themselves clean, they have plenty of food and drink, and they have barely any crime, It even has a Police Force! Where is this utopia? It is on the moon! Now there is really only one problems with this society, that problem is that the leadership of the colony on the moon are snobs and look down on the Earth’s inhabitants.

Because of this fact there is a conspiracy brewing between the inhabitants of the Earth and the Moon. You see there is a serum that if introduced in to the Earth’s atmosphere would re orient the Earth’s basically dead atmosphere and sort of re-energize the Earth to it’s former glory!

Now the elitist leadership on the moon can’t have that, so they decide to send down Joe Brody (Paré) who is an officer in the Lunar Police Force to stop this from occurring. Of course he is told something different from the truth… But is still essentially sent down to stop the inhabitants of one small village on planet Earth from re-igniting the Earth’s atmosphere!

But besides the elements that are controlled by, ‘Kay’ (Drago), who is the leader of one of the roving band of thieves and killers who would take anything and everything that they can, and an android that was sent from the colony on the moon. Joe will end up finding something on the planet Earth that he never expected would be on there and as a matter of fact, will end up changing the course of the whole human race and the planet itself!

The truth is folks, if your looking for a fun time watching a fun Science Fiction movie that was never a summer block buster, then this is a good one to check out!

Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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