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Quentin Tarantino & Red Bull Present: The Django Unchained Contest

by  |  June 20th, 2012  |  News

Quentin Tarantino’s got his eye on you. Django Unchained opens on Christmas Day and last week on June 15th, QT and Red Bull (the beverage of choice for all the raver’s) opened their flood gates for some aspiring artists. The deadline for the Django Unchained contest is June 30th, so there’s still 10 days left to enter. What are you waiting for?

The Mission

Tarantino is looking for an artist to inspire him. He’s looking for a talented artist to create something unique and original. The objective here is to make use of your multi media skill set and create a 3 minute short film incorporating some of the downloadable assets, such as The Django Unchained Trailer or clips from Spaghetti Westerns that have inspired him. Music is also available.

If a short isn’t quite your thing, no prob. You can also create an original poster or .gif if you so choose.

What’s in it for you?

Well aside from feeling good for having tried something and dare we say, challenged yourself, here’s some more incentive:

The winner will get a chance to meet Quentin Tarantino at this year’s Comic Con in San Diego, where the winner and a guest will be flown to the convention and invited to attend the “Django Unchained” panel — as well as hear first hand why Quentin picked the winning piece.

Our Advice

Remember, Tarantino is judging this himself! He’s unique, and he’s paid his dues. Some will probably attempt a lame homage to ‘Pulp Fiction’ and copy the “Big Kahuna Burger” scene. But he’s already done that himself. Tarantino was a pioneer of the Indie Film movement. From his dialogue, to his angles and compositions, Tarantino makes the most of every opportunity (ex: framing the Life and Risk boardgames in the background in Pulp Fiction).

Be original and shine outside the box. Don’t do what everybody else is going to do. After all, you are a unique talent and you can lead the pack. And that’s why you’ll always be one step ahead of everyone else. Be an innovator.

For all the official rules and how to enter, go to Django.RedBullUSA.com



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