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CGI: Hollywood’s Beads And Shiny Things.

by  |  May 17th, 2012  |  Blog

Like a lot of people, I have been disappointed with a fair amount of the movies that have come out in the last decade or so… I mean the new millennium has seen more then a few movies that have been released in an assembly line fashion, and not using a lot of what made movies great, including great stories with well fleshed out characters, and great talent… To name a few!

As a matter of fact the one thing that they do use to the point of over use some times is… You guessed it folks… CGI!

An example of CGI monsters from the 2007’s, ‘I Am Legend’

Now before I continue on, let me just say that despite the bad movies that have been released in the new millennium, their has definitely been some good ones as well, and the fact of the matter is, is if CGI was used right, it could be a very good tool! (It just is not used that way all the time!)

With that in mind the heavy over use of CGI, and the oft times realism that it can bring to the most violent action movies, the bloodiest horror movies, or the more fantasy then reality Science Fiction movies seems to me like the Europeans buying Manhattan for very little!

What I mean by this is that this reminds me of the story of how the Indians had sold off the Island that is now known as ‘Manhattan’ for some supplies that today would not have been worth much more then about $24 dollars! But back then I am sure that these Indians thought that this stuff was really hot stuff!

Europeans doing business with the Indians that lived on Manhattan Island.

Very similar could be said about Hollywood, now for decades Hollywood had a real Juggernaut of a system, that entertained audiences for decades, with movies that had brilliant and amazing actors, spectacular special effects, and amazing story lines that were crafted with beautiful character development!

Now CGI has been around for literally decades, but it seems like the better and more real that CGI has gotten, that something has really begun to get lost in the translation! I mean there are some great modern day actors that have started in the new millennium, but it seems like a lot of them are more like, ‘pretty boys’ that are used to keep women interested, and, ‘hot’ women that are used to keep men interested!

But not a heck of a lot of them seem to be able to match talents with some of the more classic actors and actresses (or even directors) like, Alfred Hitchcock (Psycho), Elizabeth Taylor, (Cleopatra) and Kirk Douglas (Spartacus) to name a few!

And being a writer myself, I am surprise, some times how little character development their actually is in a lot of modern movies! There has been more then a few movies that were made in the last few years in which I actually didn’t care about the good guys, to the point where I was actually rooting for the bad guys to win!

With that in mind folks, rather or not the story about the sale of Manhattan for what is worth equivalent to about $24 dollars in the modern day, I am not sure, I wasn’t around. If it is true, then in the end the sale of Manhattan did work out for everyone, considering ultimately how Manhattan turned out. As for Hollywood. they have traded away a lot of what made Hollywood great, in an effort to gain better CGI Special Effects, which in the end probably is not near worth what it cost them!

Before I head off, I do want to say though that I am all for great special effects in a movie, but for my money (and a lot of people I have talked to), a good story is needed, and great acting as well!

Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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