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5 Actors Who Rock!

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Actors are very often artists in all types of media. You often hear about Dennis Hopper’s passion for fine art or the mixed reviews of Keanu Reeves in his band Dogstar. No strangers to performing in front of an audience, it’s not surprising that there are many actors who are also talented musicians. Here are five actors I think truly rock!

1. Steve Martin

Not only a comedic Icon of mine and my parents generations, he is also quite the accomplished musician. When he was about 17 he started playing the Banjo and has made many appearances on a musical level over the years. In 2009 he made his first album titled “The Crow: New Songs for the 5-String Banjo” which interestingly enough contained nothing but music for a change. In 2010 he won a Grammy for that album naming him Best Bluegrass Album of the year. Now that’s impressive and a long way from planes, trains and automobile’s. Follow Steve on Twitter at: @SteveMartinToGo

People say the music business is suffering, but it’s NOT. -Steve Martin (actual royalty check [above])

2. Jennifer Lopez

Maybe we remember J.Lo paving the path for her multi talented career best for her role as “Selena” in the  film Selena (1997) or as “Grace Santiago” in Money Train (1995) WRONG!! Her first on screen debut actually came in the form of dancing as a fly girl on the sketch comedy T.V. show In Living Color (1990). Not only can this womanDance, Act, Design a clothing line and so much more she can SING!! (I’m telling you if reincarnation really does exists I hope to come back as J.Lo) In 1999 J.Lo released her debut album On the 6 which climbed the Billboard Hot 100 charts and earned this marketing sensation 2 Grammy Awards! I don’t think there is anything this woman can’t do! Follow Jennifer Lopez on Twitter at: @JLo

3. Juliette Lewis

A rare treat it’s not everyday you find a native Californian but to top that off she’s also the offspring of Actor Geoffrey Lewis. Juliette began to carve her name in Hollywood in the mid 80’s but landed herself on the map as an extremely talented actress in the (1991) Film Cape Fear. She later stared alongside Woody Harrelson in the (1994) Twisted Romance film Natural Born Killers (A personal all time favorite of mine). In 2003 this amazing talent formed a punk/garage rock band Juliette and the Licks proving to once again surprise us with yet another talent Music!! She is truly a woman of many talents! Follow Julliete Lewis on Twitter at: @JulietteLewis


Juliette Lewis’ music video for ‘Terra Incognita’ directed by Lightfield Lewis:

4. Billy Bob Thornton

Not only had this man been a success on the big screen as an actor but he has shown us all he’s got the chops for complete domination. In 1996 Billy Bob wrote, directed and stared in his own film Sling Blade which bombed at the box office originally at a mere $36,644 opening weekend, but later went on to gross somewhere in the excess of $24,000,000 and won several awards for his film proving that slow and steady does win the race! In the late 1990’s Billy decided to pursue his second love Music as a hobby. He released an album in (2001) titled Private Radio. He later went on to make several additional albums in (2003) The Edge of the World, (2005) Hobo and in (2007) Beautiful Door. This man is not only a talented actor, director, and writer he’s an amazing musician as well!! I would call that a quad threat! Follow Billy Bob on Twitter at: @BillyBobThrntn

5. Johnny Depp

Like a true Gemini this man has two sides! Not only is he my all time favorite actor and one of the greats! (I fully understand why Tim Burton loves him so much) But he is also a musician! Depp was featured in the 1997 recording of the Oasis song “Fade In-out” playing a killer slide guitar! He also played a little acoustic guitar for us in the movie Chocolat (2000). In 1993 Depp and Butthole Surfers front man Gibby Haynes formed a Psychedelic punk band called P the band only ran for 2 years and was a regular at the Viper Room (which Depp co-owned at the time). Depp has made several other musical guest spots over the years. If I had one wish it would be to see him do some more music!!! He is the total package! Unfortunately, Johnny does not have an official website or Twitter.

Here’s an awesome video of Johnny as he takes the stage with veteran rocker Eddie Vedder for a duet of ‘Society’.


Candace is a native Californian, born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. Aside from being a doting mother, she's also an award winning writer who's poetry has been featured in major publications. Her work as a painter and photographer has been featured in galleries around the country. It is Candace that brings a unique female voice to ABM and keeps all the guys in line.


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