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The Wasp Woman (1959)

by  |  April 6th, 2012  |  Sci Fi

Roger Corman… this guys has had a truly epic career, having created in some capacity over 400 films, this guy has helped the careers of some truly great A list Actors and Filmmakers! Including Robert De Niro (Midnight Run), John Saxon (From Dusk Till Dawn), Dennis Hopper (The Glory Stompers) and heck even Jack Nicholson (The Witches Of Eastwick).

With that said, one of the things I have found Roger Corman seems to enjoy doing is creating his (or a different) version of other movies. A few examples of this of course being, Attack Of The 50ft Cheerleader (Which could be said to be inspired by, Attack Of the 50ft Woman) , Stealing Las Vegas (Which is a take on classic Las Vegas Casino heist films), and even Battle Beyond The Stars (which could be said to be a ‘Star Wars’ style movie.)

Now all of these movies that I mentioned above, rather they are the original movie or movies that have been inspired by the original movies are truly awesome, and are worth recommending to you guys!

The reason that I am mentioning this is because the movie that I am recommending here was inspired by a true classic that Vincent Price (More Dead Than Alive) did called… The Fly (1958)!

Written by: Leo Gordon (My Name Is Nobody), based on the story by: Kinta Zertuche (Attack Of The Giant Leeches) and Directed by: Roger Corman (Attack Of The Crab Monsters) and Jack Hill (Coffy). Starring: Susan Cabot (Sorority Girl), Anthony Eisley (The Naked Kiss), Barboura Morris (A Bucket Of Blood), William Roerick (The Day Of The Dolphin), and Michael Mark (Return Of The Fly).

This movie (which was remade in 1995) tells the story of Janice Starlin (Cabot) who desperately tried to save her company… and almost succeeded!

Janice Starlin (Cabot), before she took her first dose of the deadly age defying drug!

What I mean by this is that Starlin is the owner of a failing cosmetic company, ‘Janice Starlin Enterprises’. Now the reason it seems that her company is failing is because of the current age that Starlin actually is! (Starlin is also the spokesmodel for her products as well!)

While this is happening, a Doctor by the name of Eric Zinthrop (Mark) is doing secret research to slow down and or stop the aging process through a honey company that thinks he is doing something else!  When the parent company finds out what is going on, Zinthrop is fired!

Now Zinthrop and his secret research find a home with Janice Starlin, in her company!

Now as the successes become more evident, Janice begins to get impatient and starts taking Zinthrops secret formula… The only problem is that there appears to be a killer side effect that will destroy the life of Janice Starlin and everyone around her!

Janice Starlin's new look!

Now when the movie was first introduced to TV, Corman had Jack Hill film a prolouge for the movie in which Zinthrop is seen getting fired from the honey company!

I would also say that where as, The Wasp Woman was inspired by, The Fly, I am fairly certain that, The Wasp Woman was the inspiration for the creation of a Fly sequel, with the movie, Return Of The Fly (1959) so much so that Michael Mark played, ‘Gaston’ in, Return Of The Fly!

If you are looking for a kick ass classic Science Fiction movie, then check out this one, you might like it!

Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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