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RIP Rudy Ricci (1940-2012)

by  |  April 3rd, 2012  |  News

Rudy Ricci (Pictureed) helped in the creation of George A. Romero's legendary, 'Dead' series.

Actor/Writer/Filmmaker Rudy Ricci (The Booby Hatch).  This guy may not be very well known in today’s Hollywood but for you B Movie/Horror fans, you might know him from his major contributions to George A. Romero’s Dead series as well as The Return Of The Living Dead (1985) as both writer and actor!

Well unfortunately, we are sad to report on the passing of this legend at the age of 72 on March 8th!

Besides his contributions to the dead series, Rudy Ricci also wrote, directed and acted in the 1976 classic exploitation movie, Booby Hatch, (Which he co-wrote with Night Of The Living Dead writer, John Russo (Return Of The Living Dead)).

Rudy Ricci also had an interesting career with John Russo (Return Of The Living Dead) and Russell Streiner (Night Of The Living Dead) now these three could be said to have helped in some capacity to bring the Dead series to life, what with Russell Streiner having both produced the movie and played the now legendary role of, ‘Johnny’, and John A. Russo having wrote the script with George A. Romero, and Rudy Ricci playing a Zombie!

Rudy Ricci as a Zombie in George A. Romero's 'Night Of The Living Dead'

Rudy Ricci would participate again in Romero’s dead series with John Russo, when the two of them wrote a direct sequel to the original  Night Of The Living Dead (1968) called, Return Of The Living Dead (Which is extremely loosely the basis for the 1985 Zombie classic starring Clu Gulager (A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge)  and Thom Matthews (Friday The 13th Part 6: Jason Lives)).

The last time Mr. Ricci would participate in Romero’s dead series would be in 1978, when he would play one of Tom Savini’s Motorcycle Raiders in, Dawn Of The Dead (1978).

Rudy Ricci in, 'Dawn Of The Dead'

Rudy Ricci,  the man will be missed, and Rudy Ricci, the artist will also be missed, but the contributions that he brought to George A. Romero’s, ‘Dead Series’, to the horror genre, and to movie history in general will never be forgotten!

Please enjoy this cross section of Mr. Ricci’s work:

The first one that I thought that I would show is the trailer for George A. Romero’s classic, Night Of The Living Dead (1968):

The next one that I thought you guys would like is this scene from, Dawn Of The Dead (1978) featuring Rudy Ricci and  Tom Savini!




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