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Cop Land (1997)

by  |  April 27th, 2012  |  Drama

The 1990s saw the rise in amazing Action/Drama/Thriller movies that in some way revolved around corruption, rather it be corruption in the mob, in such movies as, Casino (1995), or corruption in the Fire Department as was the case with Backdraft (1991) or as with Police corruption, as was the case with Cop Land… An interesting fact is that in all of the movies I just mentioned, had Robert De Niro (Midnight Run) in it!

1. In Casino (1995): Robert De Niro plays a mobster by the name of ‘Sam (Ace) Rothstein’

2. In Backdraft (1991): Robert De Niro plays a former Fireman turned Fire Inspector by the name of, ‘Donald (Shadow) Rimgale’.

3, In Cop Land (1997): Robert De Niro plays A Police Officer with Internal Affairs.

Written and Directed by: James Mangold (Identity) and Starring: Sylvester Stallone (Cobra), Ray Liotta (No Escape), Janeane Garofalo (Dogma), Harvey Keitel (From Dusk Till Dawn), Robert Patrick (Fire In The Sky), Annabella Sciorra (Jungle Fever) Michael Rapaport (My Name Is Earl), Noah Emmerich (Super 8), Cathy Moriarty (Raging Bull), Malik Yoba (New York Undercover), Robert John Burke (Thinner), and Edie Falco (The Sopranos).

Cop Land basically tells the story of the town of Garrison New Jersey…

You see, the town Garrison New Jersey is a beautiful, small seaside town, that despite the small Sheriff’s Dept has one of the lowest crime rates in northern New Jersey! Where as it is true that the Sheriff of Garrison by the name of Freddy Heflin (Stallone) and his deputies, Bill Geisler (Emmerich) and Cindy Betts (Garofalo) are great officers. The main reason is that it is a town where some of NYPD’s finest have managed to settle down!

Harvey Keitel, Robert Patrick and Arthur J. Nascarella are making things interesting in Garrison!

Now according to the movie, the NYPD are not allowed to live in New Jersey, but due to a minor technicality these officers have managed to settle down in the relatively affluent town of, ‘Garrison’!

Now life is good for these cops of the NYPD that are living in Garrison. ¬†You see, they are financially well off, living in a safe town, and both their jobs with the NYPD and being on the take from the New York mob is keeping them in a great life… That is until one of the Cops accidentally killed a couple of stoner loosers!

Now these corrupt cops are going to have to do everything they can to ensure that the great life doesn’t fall in around them, so they decide to hide the killer cop, but things will get difficult as this small time Sheriff starts to take a look behind the scenes of the ideal life that these NYPD Officers have created for themselves!

Now in my opinion, this movie was the last great movie of its type that came out in the 1990s, and I would recommend checking it out, its a fun one!


Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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