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Circuitry Man (1990)

by  |  April 30th, 2012  |  Sci Fi

In my opinion, Circuitry Man is an awesome definition of a truly, ‘awesome b movie’!  What I mean by this is that the 1990s saw the release of some truly fantastic, but I would say are a different style of B Movie for the following reasons!

1. The 90s saw a lot of Sci-Fi and Horror B Movies having a stronger element of seduction and sexually charged elements to it (I would say almost border line sexploitation, but not quite).

2. A lot of these Science Fiction/Horror B Movies did star people who then were either up and coming A listers (like Rhona Mitra), or already A listers (like Christopher Lambert), who would now sadly be considered to be B list… (In my opinion though these actors and actresses will always be A list actors and actresses because they just simply still create great films!)

3. And the other thing that I thought I would mention, is that with the meteoric rise of CGI in the 90s, these types of B Movies utilized the type of makeup effects/special effects, that made what people looked like in A and B list movies from before the rise of CGI look more like they could be different! (I,e. the Zombie’s in Will Smith’s ‘I Am Legend’ being over CGI’d, and the Zombie’s in, ‘The Return Of The Living Dead’ looking like the scary mess that they are supposed to be!)

And Circuitry Man is a great example of all of this!

Written by: Robert Lovy (Mixed) and Steven Lovy (Don’t Go Near The Park), and Directed by: Steven Lovy.  Starring: Jim Metzler (One False Move), Dana Wheeler-Nicholson (Fletch), Lu Leonard (Starman), Vernon Wells (Silent Night Zombie Night), Barbara Alyn Woods (Striptease), Dennis Christopher (It) and Paul Wilson (Motorama).

During a time in which the world was really starting to become very aware of the harm that humanity has caused to the environment, with the use of fossil fuels, and burning coal, and the like, Circuitry Man tells the story of a future world where mankind has ravaged the surface of planet Earth to the point where the surface has become completely un-inhabitable.

Danner (Played by: Jim Metzler) and Lori (Played by: Dana Wheeler-Nicholson) as they travel across the uninhabitable surface of the earth.

The solution that mankind figures out is that the governments of the world decide to move their populations under ground.

Now, with mankind underground, humanity has started to ravage the last thing that they can… their mind!

The story tells of how a a former strong woman by the name of Lori

(Wheeler-Nicholson), whom is forced back in to her old life one day when her former boss, ‘Juice’ (Leonard) persuades her to come back for one last job…

This job being that Juice is about to complete a business transaction with a former Psycho-Therapist turned mob boss by the name of, ‘Plughead’ (Wells).

Now before I go on, I should tell you that Plughead is a scary man who has turned his mind in to a sorta computer that has outlets all over the surface of his head!

Plughead (Wells) meeting with Lori (Wheeler-Nicholson)

Anyway, the deal that Plughead and Juice have is a sale for some illegal computer plug-ins.

But after a suicidal robot by the name of, ‘Danner’ who has been duped by Juice in to delivering some merchandise to subterranean New York by programming him to be in love with a girl that doesn’t exist makes a dust up at the deal, a cop by the name of Beany (Wilson) and his partner are discovered,  which stops the deal, with Plughead taking Juice out, and Lori taking the chips!

Now Lori hires the suicidal Danner to drive her to subterranean New York so that she can sell these illegal plug-ins and start a new life! The only problem is that following them is Plughead and his new lieutenant by the name of Yoyo (Alyn Woods) and they will stop at nothing to stop Lori and Danner from reaching subterranean New York and selling those illegal plug-ins!

Well folks, if your looking for a kick-ass fun Science Fiction movie, then check this one out! It is a fun one!

Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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