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Gamer (2009)

by  |  March 5th, 2012  |  Action/Adventure

Historically speaking one of the motivations of truly evil leaders is there need to have absolute control of the population in which they lead, in some way… Rather it be having total control over the military, or total control over the populace as a whole!

Some examples of course being the seeming total control of that Nazi Germany (Or more directly Adolf Hitler seemed to have over Germany during World War 2), the total control that people like Josef Stalin seemed to have over the Russian people when Russia was still under Soviet dominion… Etc…

Those are just a few examples in history of the total control that one person can have over the whole of a populace, as for fiction, a few great examples of total control would be the following:

A: The total control that Billy Drago (Gun Crazy) seemed to have over his cronies in a post apocalyptic Earth in, Solar Force (1995).

B: Or the seeming total control that Dennis Hopper (The Glory Stompers) had over the people he led in Wateworld (1995).

C: Or the total control that Will Patton (Romeo Is Bleeding) seemed to have over his soldiers in The Postman (1997).

D: Another great example would be the movie, Gamer (2009):

Written and Directed by: Mark Neveldine (Jonah Hex), and Brian Taylor (Crank).  Starring: Gerard Butler (Reign Of Fire), Amber Valletta (Dead Silence), Michael C. Hall (Dexter), Kyra Sedgewick (Kansas), Logan Lerman (3:10 To Yuma), Alison Lohman (The Thirteenth Floor), Terry Crews (Idiocracy), Ludacris (The Hangover), and Aaron Yoo (Disturbia).

In the world of tomorrow, playing video games has gone to new levels…

On the one hand there is a game called, ‘Society’ in which you can be anyone you want rather it be a hot blonde woman, or a heavyset nerd, and everything in between!  On the other hand there is the newest game called, ‘Slayers’ in which you fight level after level every week through a total war zone in an effort to beat all 30 levels!

Now the punch line for both, ‘Society’ and ‘Slayers’ is the fact that unlike most video games in which you control just an avatar, in these games your avatar is a real person!

Gerard Butler is going to have to hope that his, 'gamer' can get him through, 'Slayers' alive, in. 'Gamer'

In society, the real people are hired actors who are controlled by their gamers, but in ‘Slayers’ the avatars are death row inmates that have been given a chance so that they are controlled by their gamers through 30 fights, and if they make it?  Well then they are set free!

So far there has only been one person to come close to winning, ‘Slayers’ and that is the avatar known as, ‘Kable’ and who’s real name is, ‘John Tillman’ (Butler), and Kable’s Gamer, ‘Simon’ (Lerman)… The only problem is that some one doesn’t want Kable and Simon to win and this person sends in a killer avatar as a, ‘ringer’ to take out Kable before he can win his freedom!

So with the help of Simon, and a small resistance group by the name of, ‘Humanz’, Kable will have to escape the game and figure out what is going on, so that he can get his family back, before he is killed and the secret dies with him!

The happy couple reunited!

Now what I like about this movie and what I think makes this an amazing B movies is a couple of things:

1. I like the acting in this movie quite a bit, especially Amber Vialetta (who played Angie in the movie), who really did in my opinion a great job of conveying the fear and nervousness that I suspect she would have felt when her Gamer starts pimping her around in, ‘Society’ and the great job that Ramsey Moore did in portraying her sleezy pimp!

2. Something that i thought that you guys might find interesting is just that Michael C. Hall (who played ‘Ken’ in the movie) recommended Sam Witwer for his role, after Witwer rapped up his role as, ‘Neil Perry’ on Hall’s show, Dexter!

With that in mind folks, if your looking for a fun movie to really sink your teeth in to, then I highly recommend this one! It is a fun one!

Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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