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Fido (2006)

by  |  March 14th, 2012  |  Comedy

What can be said about a little film like Fido (2006)?

Written and directed by Andrew Currie (Mile Zero), this somewhat twisted – if not also a bit charming – take on a simpler 1950’s era world where zombies happen to be kept as servants is a fresh spin on the zombie movie genre.

To me, it’s essentially the type of movie I’d imagine John Waters would have made if he had ever made a zombie movie. Cheery 1950s style suburbia, well-manicured lawns and white picket fences, but with – ya know – zombies!

You see, as the result of “space dust”, the dead don’t stay dead anymore. And so a whole industry has cropped up to contain the once-living. The company in charge of keeping citizens safe from zombies, Zomcon, has created these special collars that suppress the walking dead’s innate need to feed on human flesh, transforming them into docile servants that obey every command. In fact, you’re not anybody unless you own a few zombies. A rather thinly-veiled commentary on class and inequality in American society circa 1950’s. Of course these are zombies, so we can’t feel too bad in this case, I suppose.

The Robinson family doesn’t have a zombie yet and Mrs. Robinson (Carrie-Ann Moss) plots to change that. After some convincing Mr. Robinson (Dylan Baker) reluctantly accepts and the new member of the household is a hard-working zombie played brilliantly by Billy Connolly (The Last Samurai, The Boondock Saints).

Fido on an outing with the Robinson family

Mr. Robinson, Bill, is perhaps the only person actually afraid of zombies. Everyone else seems to embrace the undead into their homes as sort of pets or companions. Bill keeps his distance though and he has his reasons. Meanwhile, little Timmy Robinson (Kesun Loder) and mom, Helen, really take to the new zombie. Timmy plays catch in the yard and goes for walks with his new-found friend who he affectionately names Fido.

All is well with the world until Fido has an unfortunate run-in at the local park with crotchety ol’ Mrs. Henderson who inadvertently switches off Fido’s collar while beating him with her walker.

Soon Fido’s collar goes on the fritz at inopportune moments and people are disappearing.

Yeah. Fun movie. Bring your own twisted sense of humor along for this ride. It’s well done and has a terrific cast… and lots of zombies. What more do you want?

Here. Watch the trailer now…


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