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UFOs: The Secret History (2010)

by  |  February 23rd, 2012  |  Documentary

Rather or not you believe in the existence of extra-terrestrials or you believe Aliens to be something that should be relegated to Science Fiction.  Over the last hundred years or so, eye-witness accounts of Alien visitors have been made known to the public at large!

UFOs: The Secret History, a movie which was directed by: David Cherniak tries to put together accounts of the UFO phenomena, from witnesses, Scientists and other like minded people who have done research in to the field, about the lesser known history of UFO’s as a whole!

From the belief in ancient history of people from other planets, and how some people in more modern times have come to equate certain ancient mythological images as UFO’s having come to visit Earth… To the turn of the 20th century and the burgeoning belief in Flying Saucers, starting with Kenneth Arnold’s sighting of a UFO, to probably the most famous of all UFO sightings (The crash in Roswell New Mexico), and beyond!

This documentary also goes in to the history of Alien abduction, starting in the 50s and going in to the modern day (including an interview with Travis Walton, ‘with whom the movie, ‘Fire In The Sky’ is based off of.’)

Another fascinating side to all of this is that this movie goes in to the government’s involvement in the discovery of UFO’s, including what may or may not be the cover up of the crash in Roswell New Mexico of a UFO, the various military projects that had been created to investigate the reports of UFO sightings, etc…

And yet another side of the UFO phenomena that this movie does go in to is Hollywood’s influence in the UFO phenomena… including the Alien autopsy special in the 90s, the release of Travis Walton’s story in the movie, ‘Fire In The Sky’, the release of, ‘The X-Files’ etc…

DB Sweeney played Travis Walton in, 'Fire In The Sky'. A movie based on the Travis Walton abduction story, that both movie and actually story are prominently discussed in this documentary.

Now what I have to admit that what I liked about this movie, and what I have to admit that makes this an amazing B-Documentary is a couple of things:

1. Being a UFO enthusiast, and certainly believing that there is life on other planets (assuming the size of the universe, it is safe to assume that there is life in some form out there), I found this documentary to be most fascinating as it dived in to as proven fact certain areas, that I had only occasionally read about or watched through books or in documentaries that had no supportable facts to back it up.  But this documentary seemed to lend credence to some of it!

2. The next thing that I found both fascinating and entertaining was the accounts by Pilots of UFO encounters!

Well folks, rather you are a firm believer in UFOs, believe in life on other planets, then check this one out, or are a sceptic, check this documentary out, you might find it to be most enlighting!

With no trailer available for this documentary, I thought that you guys would enjoy this trailer for season 1 another TV show that was prominently displayed, The X-Files:

Nathan Strack


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