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The History Channel Presents: The Dark Ages (2007)

by  |  February 17th, 2012  |  Documentary

The Dark Ages were one of the most violent and barbaric times in human history…

Having lasted from the fall of the Roman Empire, due to a war of desperation fought by Germanic Barbarians, to the rise of the Renaissance Europe (primarily it seems like it started off with western Europe), saw a period of deep almost violent barbaric destruction of the known civilization of that time!

Now I don’t just mean the hatred and violence that men committed against each other… There was more then plenty of that! Rather it be the barbaric tribes fighting each other in the post Imperial times, of what was once the Western Roman Empire… to the crusade by Emperor Justinian, to reunite, and fully re-create the once vast Roman Empire, to hell, even the eventual Viking conquests of the continent and the UK just after the establishment of, ‘The Holy Roman Empire’.

Well simply put the dark ages went beyond military conquest or the cruelty that can be shown between man…. In a way you could say that the dark ages was an ancient version of a post-apocalyptic dystopic vision of the future that has become so popular in movies!

Alaric at the sacking of Rome in 410 AD.

Now what I mean by this is that just about everything collapsed, engineering (i,e. people went from living in actual homes to living in shacks, architectural marvels that had been created during the age of the Roman’s were being plundered and destroyed, etc…) Not only the engineering side though had been systematically destroyed, but Education, Medicine, Trade, etc… had all but disappeared!

All of these once great signs having been replaced by fervent religious and super natural paranoia! It also goes in to some what the origins of the bubonic plague and how it was believed back then to be the result of the Empress of the Eastern Roman Empire’s promiscuity!

It was how ever not all bad starting with the populace sort of elevating the network of Christian Monasteries and Churches around Europe as more then just religious institutions, and in some cases, leading them to become places of commerce, government etc… To the crusades, and how what the troops brought back in some ways helped to catapult Europe out of the dark ages and in to the Renaissance period!

Now through interviews with a group of experts such as Philip Daileader, Kelly DeVries (The Plauge), Bonnie Effros and Adnan Husain, to name a few… The History Channel Presents: The Dark Ages attempts visually re-create the above mentioned events and so much more, that lead an entire population from the Fall of the eternal city of ‘Rome’, through the darkness, and in to the Renaissance!

Charlemagne, as he is working to bring civilization back to Western Europe.

Now what I personally liked about this movie and why I am recommending this to you guys is a couple of reasons:

1. Being a history fan, I have had a lot of fun over the years reading up about this and other time periods, but there was some stuff that even I didn’t know in it!

2. For the kids out there, as far as getting educated based on visual educational aides, if your kid is studying about the dark ages, then this documentary is not a bad one to watch!

Well folks, if your a history buff like me, or your looking for something interesting about the dark ages for research, check this one out, you might like it!

With no trailer currently available, I thought that you guys might enjoy the first 10 minutes of the documentary!

Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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