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Halloween Resurrection (2002)

by  |  February 13th, 2012  |  Horror  |  1 Comment

From a Bang to A Whimper, that seems to be the way of original classic horror movie franchises… That is how it went with such famous franchises as Child’s Play, Hellraiser, Friday The 13th, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween! Now that is not to say that these movies are particularly bad or anything (I maybe one of the very few fans of Seed of Chucky, as well as one of the few fans of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation).

The point to these final movies though is to either retire these series, or to begin their progression toward re-inventing these series with a remake that leads to a new series (as is the example of such films as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween.)

For Halloween, that movie would be Halloween: Resurrection!

Now this movie I doubt did very well with anyone (including myself when I first saw it.)  But for myself, I gotta say that after having seen it a few times now, and realizing it’s importance to the original series, I basically decided not to judge the book by it’s cover, and I realized that I actually kind of like it a lot!

Written by: Larry Brand (The Drifter) and Sean Hood (The Crow: Wicked Prayer) and Directed by: Rick Rosenthal (Bad Boys) and starring Busta Rhymes (The Unforgiven), Brad Loree (American Dragons), Bianca Kajilich (10 Things I hate About You), Jamie Lee Curtis (Terror Train), Thomas Ian Nichols (American Pie) and Tyra Banks (Coyote Ugly).

Halloween Resurrection begins the tale of Michael Myer’s retirement from killing his family…

What I mean by this is that at the beginning of the movie Laurie Strode, (The ultimate heroine of the series who has been a mostly unseen but most definitely a focal point of the myth and lore of the legend of Michael Myers,) is in a mental hospital…

She is in a mental hospital for two reasons. 1. She genuinely feels guilty for the death of a fireman that she ended up killing in Halloween: H20 (thinking that it was Michael Myers) and 2. She is also in the hospital hoping that it will protect her till she can make her final stand against her Psychotic brother who has been either hunting her or chasing her for over 20 years!

With that said, of course ole Mikey Myers is still on the hunt for her, and after some time searching for her, he discovers her at the mental hospital, and goes after her!

With that said, when he gets there, he chases Laurie up and down the halls of the hospital till they both end up at the roof of the hospital…

Now on the roof is a device that will capture Michael with the ultimate purpose of allowing Laurie to finally kill him once and for all!

Brother and Sister saying their goodbyes once and for all!

Once they make it up to the roof, Laurie ensnares Michael in the trap and is about ready to kill him (She is actually cutting the rope that will drop him several stories and to his death!)

Of course like all great plans, this doesn’t end up going according to plan… You see while she is cutting the rope that has Michael trapped dangling over the Hospital, he makes a movement that is reminiscent to the movement that the Fireman that she killed in the previous movie made, making her think that maybe Michael had switched places with some one else again…

In her uncertainty she decides that she has to make sure that it is really him (which it is) and Michael grabs a hold of Laurie and as the rope breaks, his weight pushes her over the side so that she is hanging on to Michael for dear life, and it ultimately ends with her being stabbed in the back and being dropped off the roof in a truly epic moment…

Now after this is done Michael decides to retire his knife and hand it off to a mental patient that has a fascination with serial killers…

Later on though, the host of a web series called, ‘Dangertainment’ by the name of Freddie Harris (Rhymes) and his assistant Nora are working on holding a special live episode of Dangertainment straight from the Myers House!

There is only one problem with all of this, you see once the show has been cast and the live episode has begun, people start dying off one by one!

Has Michael really retired his knife? Or has he come home to start fresh (and I mean a new batch of people to terrorize and kill) or has a copy cat come home to claim Michael’s territory? That I can’t reveal to you folks, you’ll just have to watch the movie… And let me say that it is an interesting one to watch!

Michael is enthusiatically greeting this guy!

What I liked about this movie and what I thought truly made this a fun B movie is a couple of things:

1.  Now I am a fan of Jamie Lee Curtis’s Jamie Strode, but with that said, and knowing that to date, that Halloween Resurrection is the last of the original series, I gotta say that I liked that they wrapped up her character pretty nicely.

2. The next thing that I liked about this movie is that even though to date the original series is dead. They did leave open the possibility of going back to it some day (I doubt they ever will, but it is cool to think that they could.)

3. I also gotta say that I do like the fact that they brought in a couple of classics in the Halloween series to wrap up the original series, with bringing back Jamie Lee Curtis, who was Laurie Strode in Halloween, Halloween 2 and Halloween H20.  And speaking of Halloween 2.  They also brought in Rick Rosenthal as the director for Halloween: Resurrection, but before Resurrection, Mr. Rosenthal had directed Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween 2!

There is also a couple of things that I thought that I would mention here that I thought might be of interest:

1. The Professor that is teaching at Haddonfield University is another homage to Halloween.  The Professor’s name is Dr. Mixter, which was the name of the attending physician at the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital in Halloween 2!

2. I also found out that the reason why they did not consider continuing on the original franchise (as they had considered doing so, but with out Michael Myers) was because based on fan polling, fans rather prefered to have Michael Myers come back then stay dead.

With that said folks, if your a fan of the original Halloween series then you might not like seeing the end of an era, but if you see between the lines at the hidden qualities that this movie does imbue, then I think that you might find that you actual will enjoy this one!

Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.


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