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The Deadly Trackers (1973)

by  |  January 9th, 2012  |  Western  |  1 Comment

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width=”295″ height=”400″ />As time has gone on, and I continue to expand my knowledge of movies beyond just what I started off with (the 80s, 90s 2000s, etc…) I am coming to realize that a theory that I had stated to a friend of mine was more true then I could have ever imaged…

Now what I mean by this is that when I first was starting to discover that horror movies are my favorite genre of film out there today. I had told my friend that there was a whole other world out side of the big block buster smashes of the day! And boy was I right!

I have come to enjoy and or appreciate to a greater degree then before, lesser known artists as Lee Van Cleef (Death Rides A Horse), Jamie Lee Curtis (Prom Night), and heck even William Smith (Invasion Of the Bee Girls), to name a few… And there are countless others, that have graced the screen in this capacity, that are just sheer, dare I say it… AWESOME!

Now that is not to make less of the A lists of the past and present, but I felt that I had to mention this here, because there is an actor that when he was alive, I would have called an A lister that I never thought that I would ever see in a Western movie, and that is Richard Harris (Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets) in the movie, The Deadly Tracker (1973), for which I gotta say that he did a great job in!

Written by: Samuel Fuller (Who also co-directed this movie), and Directed by: Barry Shear (Across 110th Street)/ Starring Richard Harris (Man In The Wilderness), Rod Taylor (Trader Horn), Al Lettieri (A Town Called Hell), Neville Brand (Eaten Alive), Paul Benjamin (Friday Foster), and William Smith (Maniac Cop).

In the old west town of Santa Rosa, there is a Sheriff by the name of Sean Kilpatrick (Harris). Now Kilpatrick and his wife are both Irish and had emigrated from Ireland to the old west, where Sean Kilpatrick became the town Sheriff for the town of Santa Rosa, while his wife became the local school teacher…

Sheriff Kilpatrick and some of the townsfolk who are trying to talk Brand and his gang in to turning themselves in!

Well it turns out that as Sheriff, Sean Kilpatrick had become sort of a legend among that area (going as far as some of the law in Mexico having heard of and respected Kilpatrick…) Now the reason for the level of notoriety is due almost exclusively to the fact that this Sheriff doesn’t use a gun and tries to talk criminals in to giving up!

Now this Sheriff has an almost complete success rate… That is until one day when Frank Brand (Taylor) and his gang are robbing the Santa Rosa bank! After a tense physical (non-lethal) battle between the towns people and Brand and his gang, Brand hold’s Kilpatrick’s son hostage in an effore to break free of the towns choke hold on his gang!

Of course when they are riding out of town, Kilpatrick’s wife chases Brand’s horse and manages to latch on to her son before Brand shoots her in the head and then makes sure that his and his gang’s horses trample on Kilpatrick’s kid!

Now the Sheriff who didn’t believe in the validity of justice from the gun, decides to stop at nothing to get revenge on Brand and his gang, for the murder of his family, going so far as to butte heads with a Federale in Mexico by the name of Gutierrez (Lettieri) as they both hunt down Brand and his gang all over Mexico!

Sheriff Kilpatrick as he faces down Brand and his gang for the first time.

Now what I like about this movie and what I think makes this an awesome b movie is a couple of things:

1. Besides Richard Harris, I thought everyone from Al Lettieri as the heavy set federale to William Smith’s portrayal as a retarded criminal, was absolutely amazing!

2. I also thought that the camera work that was done for this movie was absolutely fantastic! (Down to the first person style filming that was done through parts of the movie!)

Anyway folks, if your looking for a fun revenge western, then I do recommend this one, it is great!

Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.


  1. devan mehta

    April 23rd, 2014at 10:35 AM(#)

    hi. I am looking for the name of the movie in which,a police station(i think) is surrounded by gangsters who make it difficult to escape. A scene where one escapes in a car,but a gangster is sitting behind…all the time i remember whole movie directed at night fall.

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