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Top 5 Christmas/Horror Movies For The Horror Fan Alone This Christmas.

by  |  December 19th, 2011  |  Blog

During this time of the year, it seems like a lot of bloggers would be doing a top 10 list of their favorite Christmas movies …  Well I thought that I would take a some what different approach this year, what with being a huge horror fan!

I thought that I would give you guys a list of what I would consider to be the top 5 Horror movies that are based on, or around Christmas!

And to begin with, at number 5 we got: Santa’s Slay (2005):

Santa, as he is about to kill his latest victim.

Written by: David Steiman (Red Dragon). Starring: Bill Goldberg (The Longest Yard), Douglas Smith (Rock The Paint) Emile de Raven (The Hills Have Eyes), Robert Culp (The Greatest American Hero), and Saul Rubinek (Kill Me Please)

Now this is an interesting tale, you see this movie takes the idea of an Angel that tricks a  demon in to a wager that this demon ends up loosing! Now because the demon has lost, he is now trapped in to becoming the beloved Santa Claus That everyone knows and loves! The only problem is, is that there is a time limit on how long this demon has to be good, and in 2005, Santa will be freed to give something else besides Presents on Christmas!

Now ultimately this movie truly is a fun one story wise, but I have to admit that what sold me on this movie was the cast! A truly brilliant cast, for such a low budget horror movie!

For more information on this movie, please enjoy this trailer for the movie, Santa’s Slay (2005):

At Number 4 we got: Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 (1987):

A scene from Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2

Written by: Joseph H. Earle (Scarecrows) and Lee Harry (Street Soldiers) Starring: Eric Freeman (Children Of The Corn) and James Newman (The Verne Miller Story).

This movie tells the story of probably the last surviving member of the Chapman family, you see this poor family, the grandfather has gone insane and by the sequel is gone entirely! The Father and Mother were killed by a criminal in a Santa’s costume in the first movie, and the older brother ends up going insane and becomes the killer in the first movie! Now all that is left of the Chapman family is poor Ricky Chapman (Freeman).

Now for the most part Ricky is driven insane by the death of his older brother, but it is mostly kept hidden (But it does grow through out the movie,) with him only having an intense fear of the color red and by Nuns!  Now as Ricky gets older and older, his insanity gets worse and worse, until he finally dawns a Santa Clause costume, and enters in to the family business!

Now for more information on this movie, I thought that you guys might enjoy the trailer for the movie, Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 (1987):

And at number 3 we got:  P2 (2007):

A scene from P2.

Written by: Frank Kalfhoun (Piranha), Alexandre Aja (Mirrors), Grégory Levasseur (The Esseker File) and Directed by Frank Kalfhoun.  Starring: Wes Bently (American Beauty), and Rachel Nichols (Star Trek).

Now this movie tells the story of how a business woman by the name of Angela (Nichols) ends up getting locked in a parking garage over the Christmas Holiday, and becomes the target of the crazy Security Guard who is responsible for protecting the parking garage!

Now what I personally thought made this one great was Wes Bently! I mean this guy can play some weird roles, but I was pretty impressed with the role that he had in this movie!

For more information on this movie, please enjoy the trailer for the movie, P2 (2007):


And now at number 2 we got: Silent Night Bloody Night (1974):

A scene from Silent Night Bloody Night (1974)

Written by: Ira Teller (Boris And Natasha) and Jeffrey Konvitz (The Sentinel). Directed by: Theodore Gershuny (Tales From The Darkside). James Patterson (A Fable), Mary Woronov (Death Race 2000), Astrid Heeren (Castle Keep) and John Carradine (Stagecoach).

Now this movie tells the story of after getting to his home (which has been turned in to an asylum for the criminally insane, Wifred Butler (Played by Philip Bruns) is set on fire and left to die! Now several years later, his grandson, Jeffrey (played by James Patterson) ends up inheriting the place and finally decides to sell it… The only problem is, is that the town doesn’t want anyone else in that place, and there is an escaped mental patient from another asylum that is willing to run amok if some one tries to get to the place!

For more information on this movie, please enjoy this trailer for the movie, Silent Night Bloody Night (1974):

Finally, at number #1 we got: Silent Night Deadly Night (1984): 

This Santa wants to spread some yule tide fear!

Written by: Michael Hickey (Tusks) and Directed by: Charles E. Sellier Jr. (The Annhiliators). Starring: Robert Brian Wilson (Matt Houston), Danny Wagner, Jonathan Best (Treasures In Heaven), Lilyan Chauvin (Born In East L.A.), Gilmer McCormick (The Burning Bed), Max Broadhead, Alex Burton, Melissa Best, and Linnea Quigley (The Return Of The Living Dead).

Now this movie tells the sad tale of Billy Chapman, who on one fateful trip to go visit his Grandfather with his folks on Christmas, ends up loosing all but his little brother Ricky.  After this, the slightly unbalanced Billy and his little brother Ricky end up at a strict orphanage where as they grow up, Billy gets more and more insane, until one Christmas when he ends up giving people a Christmas that they will never forget!

For more information on this movie, please enjoy the trailer for the movie, Silent Night Deadly Night (1984):

Now this is just a small cross section of the Christmas/Horror movies out there, but if your a horror movie fan like I am, and you are alone this Christmas, then you really can’t go wrong with any of these titles! So enjoy!


Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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