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Kalifornia (1993)

by  |  December 21st, 2011  |  Drama

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alt=”” width=”295″ height=”400″ />Now one of things that makes this movie interesting is how you can see the progression of David Duchovny’s career… To understand what I mean by this, let me preface what I am about to say, with this, currently Mr. Duchovny is starring on the hit Showtime TV series, Californication.

With that said, you can definitely see how being type cast can be a good thing and a bad thing. Now that is not to say that Mr. Duchovny has always been type cast in the roles that he has played, having done such films as, Zoolander (2001), Evolution (2001) along with others…

Now despite that, I definitely think that there are certain roles that Mr. Duchovny has had over the years that I believe helped him in the direction of his latest series. A couple of these examples being his time as the host of Red Shoe Diaries on Showtime. Another one being Playing God (1997) with Timothy Hutton (City of Industry) and Angelina Jolie (Foxfire).

And yet another one being, Kalifornia… (I don’t know if you can tell, but I am fan…)

Written by: Tim Metcalfe (Killer: A Journal Of Murder) and directed by: Dominic Sena (Gone In Sixty Seconds), starring: David Duchovny (The X-Files), Michelle Forbes (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Brad Pitt (Cool World) and Juliette Lewis (From Dusk Till Dawn).

This movie tells the story of a prolific road trip that goes really wrong…

What I mean by this is Brian Kessler (Duchovny) is an aspiring writer who has been contracted to write a book about serial killers. Now he has already used his advance from his publisher to pay for stuff like his rent and car, etc… Now his girlfriend Carrie Laughlin (Forbes) is an aspiring photographer who can’t seem to get a lucky break at any of the local art galleries, and she is frankly sick of their living situation and would really like to see her and Brian heading off to the promise land… California.

With that said, after a party that both Brian and Carrie attend at one of Brian’s friends house, he and Carrie decide to take off for the Bradbury Textile Warehouse in Pittsburgh, PA (A site where a female serial killer had killed her victims.)

Carrie and Brian at the local textile mill...

Now the next night, after yet another disappointing refusal to show Carrie’s work at yet another gallery. Brian happens to be doing some work at his desk excitedly surrounded by the photos that are on his desk that Carrie had taken at the murder site the night before and transcribing what he had recorded on his tape recorder. During this time Carrie come and sits down on his lap, and at this point Brian tells Carrie about his plan for the both of them to go to California and to document various infamous murder sites across the U.S. as they make their way to California, and to share the trip with some one else for a ride share (to cut costs.)

Well Carrie is very excited about the prospect of heading out to California (Just not the ride share.) Either way, Brian decides to go for the ride share anyway and posts a notice for it on a College notice board where Early Grayce (Pitt) discovers it.

Now you gotta understand that Early and his girlfriend Adele (Lewis) despite being very different from Carrie and Brian, also both are very similar in a couple aspects, mostly the fact that both Early and Adele want to head out to California, and Early really doesn’t have a problem with murder…

Brian, Early, Carrie and Adele at the beginning of their trip...

What I mean by all of this is that Early and Adele both are basically poor white trash… Until the road trip, Adele was a waitress (who was the primary wage earner between Early and Adele.) Early happens to be a major sociopath (so much so that he is willing to kill in an effort to get Adele a pair of high heeled shoes for Adele’s birthday.) Now Early for the most part has been in and out of trouble with the police for probably the better part of most of his life… But at present Early is on parole, and is currently being harassed by his horrible parole officer…

Now when Early discovers Brian’s ride share notice, that is when he decides to pack up both him and Adele and have the two of them take off with Brian and Carrie…

On the day that Early, Brian, Carrie and Adele meet up, Adele prepares by packing up their meager possessions, while Early decides to head out and quickly kill the landlord of their trailer park…

With that said, Brian and Early having decided that the 2 couples should meet at the bus station… (Both Carrie and Adele are very nervous about this…)

Now with everyone having met, and despite Carrie and Adele’s initial fears, the two couples head off on the most profoundly life defining adventure of both couple’s lives… And well lets just put it this way, Brian and Carrie will never forget about this trip anyway…

Brian, Carrie, Adele and Early preparing to leave their hotel after a heavy night of partying!

With that said, what I gotta say that what I liked about this movie, and what I do believe really does make this an awesome B movie is a couple of things:

1. Obviously the cast… I mean everybody from the naive Brian wanting to write his novel, to Adele and her innocence to even Early actually being a serial killer, I gotta say that each one of them did a fantastic job on this film!

2. I didn’t realize this any of the times that I was watching this movie that each of the murder sites had actually been intentionally been named after the main stars of this film, i,e. Davidson Mine, Dew Cove, NV having been named for David Duchovny, Lewiston Ranch, Mt. Juliet, TX having been named for Juliet Lewis, Forbes, TN for Michelle Forbes and for Brad Pitt Bradbury Textile Warehouse in Pittsburgh, PA!

3. I also thought that this was interesting, but the character that Michelle Forbes plays in the movie is actually a reference to Andres Serrano who was made famous by his controversial photograph series in the early 90s called, ‘History of Sex’ and ‘The Klan’.

With that said, if your looking for a fun, different drama to watch, then I recommend this one… It is a little bloody, but it also is an interesting odyssey!

Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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