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Fatherland (1994)

by  |  December 14th, 2011  |  Thriller

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alt=”” width=”295″ height=”400″ />Recently while surfing the web I came to discover interesting stories that centered around alternative history, I,e. What if the Roman Empire was still around today? Or what if the Confederates won the civil war, etc…

Now I found these stories to be rather amusing, being a fan of history, and reading a few synopsis for some of these alternative history novels, reminded me of the TV/Movie Fatherland (1994)!

Written by: Stanley Weiser (Witness To The Mob), Ron Hutchinson (The Tuskegee Airmen) and Directed by: Christopher Menaul (Feast Of July). Starring: Rutger Hauer (The Blood Of Heroes), Miranda Richardson (The Night And The Moment), and John Woodvine (Oliver’s Travels).

Fatherland tells of an alternative history where in D-Day and the battle at Normandy during World War 2 was a failure, and the eventual collapse of the western front to the Nazi Empire!

Now it is 20 years later, and the Nazi’s are still fighting the war against the U.S.S.R. , but for the most part the rest of the world seems to have quieted down quite a bit, with the Nazi’s turning their spoils in to the Empire of Germania, and even the SS become a peace time Police force…

Now speaking of the war that the Germans are fighting with the Russians… That war is not going well. And with the ascendancy of Joseph Kennedy Jr. in to the Presidency of the United States, Hitler is hoping to gain an ally in the United States in the hopes of finally ending the decades old war! So of course with a Germania/U.S. meeting coming up, one of the things that the Nazis are going to need to do is to clean up at least some of their dirty little secrets!

A scene in which Hitler (played by: Fleischer) arrives to begin the ceremonies for the talks between Germania and United States.

And one of their dirty little secrets is that due to the allies not winning World War 2, the holocaust!

And here is where the movie comes in!

You see starting with his investigation in to the death of a high ranking Nazi party official, SS-Sturmbannfuhrer Xavier March (Hauer) and the envelope given to a reporter by the name of Charlie Maguire (Richardson). March and Maguire will not only uncover the truth about what happened to the Jews and the rest of what the Nazis deemed (undesireable), but will change the course of Europe forever!

Xavier March (Hauer) and Charley Maguire (Richardson)

Now what I did find to be rather fascinating about this movie is a couple of things:

1. Of course, looking at it from the Alternative history perspective was amusing. But I like the ultimate message of the movie, which is that ultimately Evil will be vanquished when it is in the sites of good men and women!

2. I liked the performance that Rutger Hauer gave as Xavier March. He played a great, strong, and powerful hero. I also liked the role that Miranda Richardson gave as the independent and strong willed Charlie Maguire. I mean these two just played off each other really well.

3. I also gotta say that as bizarre as this may sound, but what the production house did with the actor who played Hitler, and the pictures of an aged Hitler. I mean they actually did a pretty good job of displaying what Hitler probably would have looked like if he had survived in to the 60s!

Now I am in no way a fan of the Nazis but I did find this alternative history movie to be both fascinating and amusing, and if you get a chance you should check it out! You might actually like it!

With no trailer currently available for this movie, I thought that you guys might enjoy the first 10 minutes of the movie!

Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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