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DeepStar Six (1989)

by  |  December 28th, 2011  |  Sci Fi

<img class=" wp-image-22312 alignright" title="DeepStar 1" src="https://awesomebmovies.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/DeepStar-1-590×881.jpg" alt="

” width=”295″ height=”400″ />When I was a kid, one of my favorite movies that I used to really enjoy was the movie, The Abyss (1989)… As a matter of fact I am fairly certain that The Abyss was the movie that helped to cement my life long love of the sea!

Now cut to about 2 and a half years ago, I am talking with my buddy and fellow ABMer Matthew Dowling about some great movies to watch! And lo and behold one of the ones that he mentioned that I thought sounded just perfect was the movie, DeepStar Six!

Written by: Lewis Abernathy (Terminal Invasion), and Directed by: Sean S. Cunningham (Friday The 13th). Starring Greg Evigan (Tekwar), Nancy Everhard (The Punisher), Nia Peeples, Miguel Ferrer (RoboCop) and Taurean Blacque (Generations).

Now DeepStar Six tells the story of a U.S. Naval expedition that is being run from the bottom of the ocean! The purpose of the mission is to prepare a Missile sled for use by the U.S.!

Now the problem is that the DeepStar program are having in getting this area of the ocean floor ready for the missile sled are far and numerous, including a Navy that is willing to pull the plug on the program itself, and a crew that is hoping they will!

So with that in mind, one day when one of the undersea vehicles discovers a large cavern, instead of investigating like Scarpelli (Peeples) had wanted, the lead civilian scientist Doctor John Van Gelder (Played by: Marius Weyers) has them blow up the cavern!

Now the problem with that is that hidden in depths of this under sea cavern is a Sea Monster that is both equal in size as well as in speed, and they just woke the sleeping beast!

So up it comes, first taking out the underwater vehicle that had been surveying that area of the ocean floor, and then heads over to the other area research post, where in it starts to terrorize both Burciaga (Played by: Elya Baskin) and Joyce Collins (Everhard), and kills Burciaga. After awhile the monster moves on to its next biggest prize, the DeepStar Six itself!

The scene during the initial attack when the monster comes on board the DeepStar 6!

Anyway, what I like about this movie and what I thought made this an Awesome B Movie is a couple of things:

1. Some people may say that DeepStar Six is sort of the poor man’s version of, The Abyss. But it actually isn’t, it’s got a great story, a great cast, and even better special FX!

2. Filmmaker Robert Harmon (Nowhere To Run) had originally been set to direct this movie before Sean S. Cunningham took over.

With all of this in mind if your looking for a fun undersea adventure, then I do recommend this one, it is a fun one!

Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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