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Top 10 Horror Movies With Killer Machines…

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A scene from the movie, Videodrome (1986)

A couple of months ago I did a recommendation for the movie, Videodrome (1983), with James Woods (Cat’s Eye). Now this movie told the story of how a killer (supposedly live) TV series was killing people…

Now Videodrome turned out to be a truly fantastic film, and it got me to thinking of the other horror movies that have possessed Machines as the killers in those movies.

So please sit back and enjoy the top 10 Horror Movies With Killer Machines…

At number 10 we got: The Video Dead (1987):

This movie which stars, Rocky Duvall, Roxanna Augesen, Sam David McClelland (Midnight Caller), Victoria Bastel (Bad Lieutenant), and Jennifer Miro (Jungle Assault) tells the story of how a possessed TV that allows the worst of what ever movie is on to come out of the TV screen, is accidentally sent to a writer’s house, only to kill him and be left to the next people to survive!

Now this movie is just a cheesy, campy good time, but for more information on this movie, please check out this trailer for the movie, The Video Dead (1987):

For Number 9 we got: Stay Alive (2006):

Stay Alive tells the story of a group of obsessed gamers who find an online game that supposedly had killed a friend of theirs… The only problem is, is that as this group begins to get heavily involved in the game, they begin to die off one by one!

Now what I gotta say that I like about this one, besides the story, is the cast, which includes Frankie Munoz (The Legend Of Secret Pass), Milo Ventimiglia (The Divide) and Adam Goldberg (A Master In Paris) to name a few…

For more information on this movie, please enjoy the trailer for the movie, Stay Alive (2006):

At number 8 we got: The Ring (2002):

This movie which stars Naomi Watts (J.Edgar), Martin Henderson (Home By Christmas), David Dorfman (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and Brian Cox (Manhunter)…

This movie told of the legend of a video tape that showed some haunting images on it, but 1 for 1 everyone who ended up watching the Video tape would end up dying after 7 Days of fright!

Now I gotta admit that despite the other good stuff about this movie, the other thing that I really liked about this movie is the fact that 1 for 1 everyone that I talked to about this movie was scared to the point of jumping when watching this movie for the first time.

For more information on this movie, please enjoy trailer for the movie, The Ring (2002):

At number 7 we got: The Mangler (1995):

This movie which is based on a Stephen King short story and which was directed by Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre) which stars, Robert Englund (Eaten Alive), Ted Levine (Betrayed)…

This movie tells the tale of how an industrial laundry folding machine in a small town has become possessed by a demon and starts killing people.

Now the movie itself is great, but I gotta admit that what sold me on this movie was the fact that it was a Stephen King movie.

For more information on this movie, please enjoy the trailer for the movie, The Mangler (1995):

At number 6: The Amityville Horror (1979):

Starring: Margot Kidder (Superman) and James Brolin (Capricorn 1). This movie, which supposedly is based on a true story about the Lutz family’s time in their big beautiful home, and how the entire family one night had to run for their lives!

Now this one is slightly different in that it does appear that the entire house was possessed, but inside that house is a lot of machines that compliment this ultimate killing machine!

For more information on this movie, please check out this trailer for the movie, The Amityville Horror (1979):

At number 5 we got the classic movie, The Car (1977):

This movie which stars James Brolin (Westworld), Kathleen Lloyd (Skateboard) and John Marley (Dead Of Night). This movie tells the story of a sleek and stylish car that goes on a rampage due to it being possessed!

For more information on this movie, please enjoy the trailer for the movie, The Car (1977):

At number 4 we got: Videodrome (1983):

Now normally I would not mention the first movie in a blog that I am writing, but in this case I kind of have to… I think if you check out the trailer that I have included in this Blog that I think that you will understand…

At number 3 we got the classic, Chopping Mall (1986):

Now again, this is a different type of killer Machine movie, in this movie a group of Mall employee’s decide to have a party after hours. Now after the group gets locked inside of the mall, a group of Mall Security androids end up trying to kill the group that is locked in the mall!

For more information on this movie, please check out the trailer for the movie, Chopping Mall (1986):


At number 2 we got: Christine (1983):

Another King classic, this movie which stars, Keith Gordon (Jaws 2), John Stockwell (City Limits) and Alexandra Paul (Just The Way You Are) and which was directed by John Carpenter (Someone’s Watching Me). This movie told of how the nerd attempts to become cool by buying a cool car that not only turns out to be possessed, but instead of him changing, thanks to the car; the nerd ends up changing because of the car!

Now what I have to admit is the selling point in this movie, is the story of how truly superficial it is that one’s popularity can be gauged based on the car that they drive!

For more information on this movie, please check out this trailer for the movie, Christine (1983):

At Number 1 we got: Maximum Overdrive (1986):

Now this movie which stars Emilio Estevez (Repo Man), Yeardley Smith (The Simpsons) and Frankie Faison (Manhunter). This movie told the story of how during an unusual astronimcal event all of the Machines on Earth come to live!

Now what I think makes this movie number one, is the fact that literally all of the machines in this movie come to life!

For more information, please check out this trailer for the movie, Maximum Overdrive (1986):

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    September 27th, 2012at 9:48 AM(#)

    Thanks! I just stumbled over this blog trying to find out the name of the movie I have seen when I was a kid.. I think that was 1996 when I first saw The Mangler on HBO.. aha The memories.. Anyway, thanks! Keep it up^^

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