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Weekend Box Office Report: The Number #1 Is The King Of The Ring

by  |  October 10th, 2011  |  News

Hugh Jackman in a scene from this weekend's box office hit, 'Real Steel'

That’s right folks according to EW, for those fans of the movie Real Steel we got some great new

Real Steel which stars Hugh Jackman (X-Men), Evangeline Lilly (Lost) and Dakota Goyo (Thor) and tells the story of a time in the future in which robot boxing has become a highly rated sport… A struggling promoter decides to bet on a discarded robot as a winner, and in the process discovers a family he never knew he had!

Well folks this good news is the fact that Real Steel in it’s opening weekend has pulled in a solid $27.3 million in in the box office over the weekend, thus making it this weekend’s #1 in the box office!

At number #2 we got the George Clooney (Ocean’s 11) and Ryan Gosling (Murder By Numbers) political drama, The Ides Of March,  which with it being another weekend opener did pretty solidly, having pulled in $10.4 million in this weekend’s box office!

At number #3 we got the returning champion, Dolphin Tale. This fun and heart warming tale of a Dolphin who is able to continue to swim thanks to the use of a prosthetic tale, has continued to do very solidly in the box office, having pulled in a decent $9.2 million in this weekend’s box office.  And at number #4 we got the biopic, Moneyball, which has continued to very well in the box office, having pulled in a solid $7.5 million in this weekend’s box office! And at number #5 we got the comedy, 50/50 which did pretty respectably, having pulled in a nice $5.5 million in this weekend’s box office!

With that said folks, it looks like at least for this weekend, that in movie land, the robot is king of the ring!

In summation:

1. Real Steel = $27.3 Million

2. The Ides of March = $10.4 Million

3. Dolphin Tale = $9.2 Million

4. Moneyball = $7.5 Million

5. 50/50 = $5.5 Million

With that said, please enjoy the trailer for this weekend’s number #1 in the box office, Real Steel:


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