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The Video Dead (1987)

by  |  October 17th, 2011  |  Horror

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-19126" title="Dead 1" src="https://awesomebmovies.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Dead-1.jpg" alt="" width

=”283″ height=”400″ />If I had to choose from the list of classic horror movie types, (i,e. stuff like Vampire movies, Zombie movies, Werewolf movies, etc…) I would by far have to choose Zombie movies. Now that is not to say that Werewolf movies, Vampire movies, or even Mummy movies aren’t great, as a matter of fact one of my favorite movies of all time has to be, The Lost Boys (1987).

But I gotta say that I really like Zombie movies, rather they be George A. Romero’s Dead series or even AMC’s The Walking Dead, because the basic concept as portrayed in movies or on TV shows regarding Zombies, usually has to do with the concepts of an over whelming force taking over (i,e… Zombies destroying civilization) and small groups of humans that end up having to adapt to surviving in that world…

Now a few years ago, my buddy and fellow ABMer Matthew Dowling told me about a movie that I should check out that took a comedic look at the classic Zombie movie sub-genre of horror movies called, Return Of The Living Dead (1985). Well I gotta say that I really liked Return Of The Living Dead, and since then have seen a few other Zombie comedies that were awesome as well, including, The Video Dead

Written and Directed by: Rob Scott (Rat Dog). Starring: Rocky Duvall, Roxanna Augesen, Sam David McClelland (Midnight Caller), Victoria Bastel (Bad Lieutenant), and Jennifer Miro (Jungle Assault)…

This shock fest tells the story of a super natural TV that can let just about anything out… Rather it be a pretty girl or become the start of a Zombie invasion…

Now this TV was originally in the possession of Joshua Daniels (McClelland), a man from Texas who ended up loosing his family to a Zombie attack… Now he tried to destroy the set but ended up not being able to, and decided to send it to an institute that studies the occult. Of course that is when due to an accident, the TV set ends up getting sent to the wrong address!

Joshua as he is fending off a Zombie.

You see, the TV set was sent to, by mistake this writer by the name of Henry Jordon (Played by: Michael St. Michael), who since he doesn’t watch TV, decides to set it up, but in some place that is set aside…

Now later on that evening, while Henry is working on his manuscript, the TV comes on all by itself, and after trying to turn it off and even unplugging it, the TV keeps turning on to a Zombie movie… Well after awhile a group of Zombies end up breaking out of the movie, and killing Henry Jordan!

A few months later the Blair family purchase Henry’s home (and little do they know, the deadly TV as well…)

Now the kids Zoe (Augesen) and Jeff (Duvall) decide to movie in to the house early and get it set up for their parents (who at this time are out of the country.)

During that first day, while Jeff and Zoe are cleaning the place up, April (Bastel), who is walking her neighbor’s dog, walks up to Jeff and introduces herself, which they immediately hit it off, and the two head in to Jeff’s house for a drink. While Jeff and Zoe are talking, the dog is let off his leash and ends up escaping the house and runs straight in to one of the Zombies that has been hanging out near by…

Now after trying to find the dog for a little while, both Jeff and April discover the poodle lying dead in the woods near an old shack.

April and Jeff just after they discover the dead dog.

Later on that evening, Jeff who had found the killer TV in the basement and had brought it up to his room, decides to watch the TV while smoking pot… This is where the first strange thing occurs. You see, this is where a pretty girl (Miro) comes out of the TV and makes out with Jeff. Well not long after they get started, she pops back in to the TV and is slaughtered by some one in the TV who warns Jeff about the evil that this TV can generate.

Of course Jeff thinks that this is some weird pot induced hallucination and dumps his stash in to the toilet… Little does Jeff know though that it is not a pot induced hallucination and will discover (along with everyone around him) a new meaning for, ‘a killer zombie flick’…

There is a couple of interesting things that I thought that I would mention here that I do think makes this an awesome b movie:

1. I thought that the story was an interesting take on Zombie movies, I won’t give away to much except to say that they don’t eat people!

2. This movie apparently had an impact on the music industry with a hard core punk band taking the name, ‘The Video Dead’ as the name of their band, and there was a song by Saul Turtletaub that was named after this movie as well!

Never the less, if your looking for a fun low budget shock fest, then I highly recommend this one, it rocks!

Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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