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The Dentist (1996)

by  |  October 6th, 2011  |  Horror

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idth=”283″ height=”400″ />One of the more interesting and more scary stories that I have seen during my time watching movies is the idea that your friendly neighborhood physician could actually already be or, be descending in to becoming a Psychopath!

A couple of examples of this being:

1. Dr. Giggles (1992): A movie about the crazy son of a now dead country Doctor, who escapes from the mental hospital to continue his father’s practice,

2. The Silence Of The Lambs (1991): A movie about an FBI Agent who has to let a psychotic Psychiatrist in to her mind in an effort to catch another serial killer!

3. The last one that I thought that I would mention is, The Dentist (1996)…

Written By: Dennis Paoli (Body Snatchers), Stuart Gordon (Dolls), Charles Finch (Never Ever), Directed by Brian Yuzna (Progeny). Starring: Corbin Bersen (Psych), Linda Hoffman (Black Scorpion 2: After Shock), Ken Foree (Halloween), Molly Hagan (The Rockford Files: Friends And Foul Play), Patty Toy (ER), Joan Hoag (976-WISH), Virginya Keehne (The Ultimate Lie).

The Dentist tells the story of Doctor Alan Feinstone (Bersen). You see on the surface his life seems to be almost to perfect… He has a beautiful wife by the name of Brooke (Hoffman), a great big house that is meticulously taken care of. And a huge Dental Practice as well!

Now that is just on the surface, below that, Alan is a stressed out mess… His life seems to be heading down the tubes, with his large Beverly Hills Dentist Office crashing and burning, his trophy wife costing him to much money, and he seems to be having this growing obsession with dirt and grime!

Alan Feinstone (Bernsen) as he is working on another patient.

Now Alan final snaps one day when after leaving his house, he discovers some of the grit and grime from the pool man on his hand. So suspecting that Brooke maybe cheating on him, he heads back to his house and looks in to the pool area only to discover that his wife is having sex with the pool man!

After this goes down, Alan finally begins to snap and has a daydream in which he catches the pool man and his wife sleeping together! When he wakes up from his delusion, Alan decides to follow the pool man for the morning… When he gets to his neighbors house, he comes to discover that his wife is not the only one that is screwing the pool man…

After witnessing the pool man being let in to his neighbor’s living room, Alan (who is heading back to his car) finally has a break and ends up killing his neighbor’s dog who had attacked him!

After all of this goes down and Alan is heading off to work. Two Detectives by the name of Gibbs (Foree) and Sunshine (Played by Tony Noakes) come to investigate the Dog’s death…

Now it will be up to Detective’s Gibbs and Sunshine to stop the mad Doctor Feinstone, before Alan has a chance to lead everyone in a direction that will give them perfect dental hygiene, rather the like it or not!

A scene from the movie, 'The Dentist'

Now what I liked about this movie and what I do truly believe makes this an incredible B Horror movie is a couple of things:

1. Now I started on this series from its sequel, and I gotta say that having finally seen both movies, I can honestly say that this series is a great series and that I have to be honest in that I am little surprised that this series never went any where beyond the sequel!

2. The next thing that I wanted to say that I really liked about this movie is Corbin Bersen. Now Corbin Bersen I gotta admit I would have never thought of as a horror movie actor, being that I have only seen this guy in comedies and maybe one or two action movies. But I gotta say that Mr. Bernsen gave a delightfully believable performance as the psychotic Doctor Alan Feinstone!

With that said folks, if you are looking for a fun movie that could end up scaring the hell out of you, then I highly recommend checking this one out! It is a fun one!

Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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