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Rose McGowan’s Next Destination… Napa!

by  |  October 4th, 2011  |  News

A scene from another upcoming Rose McGowan movie, Rosewood Lane

That’s right folks, according to, The Hollywood Reporter: 

Actress and B-Movie Queen Rose McGowan (Planet Terror), whose latest horror movie, Rosewood Lane (2011) is set to premiere at Screamfest this year is about to tackle a new project…

That project being the upcoming Michael Kerr directed Romantic/Thriller, Napa!

Napa, which is based on the novel by Hans Ostrom called, ‘Three To Get Ready’ and which the movie was written by both Kerr and Ostrom, will tell the story of a woman (McGowan) who after serving two tours of duty in the Military, decides to head back to her home town, where they end up making her the local Sheriff…

With that said, and with out there being much more information currently on this upcoming project, I thought that you guys might enjoy the trailer for another McGowan classic, Planet Terror (2007):


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