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Betrayed (1988)

by  |  October 3rd, 2011  |  Thriller

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idth=”283″ height=”400″ />When I was young I first came to enjoy Tom Berenger’s work when I first saw the movie, The Substitute (1996). Since then of course I have come to enjoy his work in other movies such as Platoon (1986), Major League (1989). Personally I think all of the movies that I have seen him in, I think that he has done a great job in!

But probably one of the best types of roles that I have seen Mr Berenger do is when he plays a soldier in movies… In those movies he looks the part and does a suprb job in acting the part as well! Rather it be as a soldier of fortune in The Substitute (1996) or unfortunately in the role as a Vietnam vet turned White Supremacist in Betrayal (1988)…

Written by: Joe Eszterhas (Checking Out) and Directed by: Costa-Gavras (Music Box). Starring: Tom Berenger (Born On The Fourth Of July), Debra Winger (Everybody Wins), John Heard (Beaches), John Mahoney (Eight Men Out), Ted Levine (The Silence Of The Lambs), Jeffrey DeMunn (The Walking Dead), Albert Hall (Freddy’s Nightmares), David Clennon (Almost Grown), Maria Valdez and Brian Bosak

Set around the pro-side and the negative-side of hatred and bigotry, when a shock jock by the name of Sam Kraus (Played by Richard Libertini), who after having a particularly inflammatory broadcast on the air is mowed down in a hail of gunfire by some unknown assailants and then has the word, ‘ZOG’ spray painted on him and his car…

With that said, the Justice Department sends out a special undercover investigator by the name of Catherine Weaver to investigate a group of suspected white supremacists that believe in taking down, ‘ZOG’. Her cover is as Kate Phillips, a woman who travels around rural areas to run the combines for various farmers…

Now at first everything seems to be going fine, she is running the combine on a farm that is owned by Gary Simmons (Berenger). Now Berenger, being a ring leader in his white supremacist group has the cover of being a simple farmer and widower with a couple children that he seems to care about quite a bit!

Gary (Berenger) and Catherine (Winger)

Now they initially end up meeting at a bar one night when Weaver and her friend Betty Jo (Played by Shawn Schepps) (who both work at the farm), are getting a drink after work. Also at the bar is Gary who has also joined his friends at the local bar for a drink after work…

Now at first everything seems pretty average, with Gary going up to Catherine and charming her in to a dance and a drink. After this the two end up spending most of the rest of the evening together.

Now the next day while Catherine is running the combine again on the farm, a little girl by the name of Rachel (Valdez) comes up to the combine carrying a beer and surprises Catherine with it. You see Rachel is Gary’s daughter and Gary decided to use her to try and convince Catherine to have dinner with him and his family, (which works quite well!)

So she goes home with the family and is really impressed at the very nice down to earth family that she meets, including Rachel’s brother Joey (Bosak), and Gary’s mother Gladys (Played by: Betsy Blair)…

The Simmons Family.

Now after all of this goes down, she goes back to her contacts in the Justice Department to report to her superiors the situation and her lack of certainty about Gary’s involvement with a White Supremacist movement!

After she gets back, she goes to find the family in the local church and the two end up afterward taking off on the pretext of finding some ‘beer’, but as both Gary and Catherine are falling more and more in love with each other end up going to Gary’s to make love!

Now this may or may not have been a mistake because not long after she comes to discover just how far Gary is involved in the White Supremacist movement, and which will ultimately lead her down an ever darkening path in which Catherine will ultimately end up having to decide between the man she loves, and the family that has adopted her in to their fold, and her moral obligation to bring this group to justice!

Gary and Catherine along with Gary's friends and family!

With that said, what I like about this movie and what I have found does make this an amazing movie is a couple of things:

1. I find this to be an interesting story about the choices we make and the consequences that we have to live with.

2. This is also Tom Berenger’s favorite movie that he was in.

3. And Betsy Blair’s last.

With that said folks, this is an interesting one, if you get a chance I highly recommend checking it out. It is fun!


Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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