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Transatlantic Tunnel (1935)

by  |  September 16th, 2011  |  Sci Fi

The future… something which has and always will be a nebulous uncertainty, has been for decades, romanticized for it's technological breakthroughs…

Now maybe it had something to do with the times that people lived in 30, 40, 50, 60 etc…years ago, being faced with many such perils, including war, greed, famine, etc… Who know?

Well what ever the reason maybe, for decades going as far back as the early silent films, the world of tomorrow has always been marked as a great time in technology for mankind.  In some cases films have actually shown humanity having made it in to the stars!

Now you might be wondering why I have given a little bit of a history lesson in these ancient films… Well simply put, I was recently looking for a fun Science Fiction movie to enjoy, and I came across Transatlantic Tunnel and decided on this one due to it's interestings story line! But we'll get in to that shortly…

Written by: L. du Garde Peach (Spy Of Napoleon), Curt Siodmak (Invisible Agent), Clemence Dane (The Amateur Gentleman) and Directed by: Maurice Elvey (The Man In The Mirror). Starring: Richard Dix (Yellow Dust), Leslie Banks (The Show Goes On), Madge Evans (Exclusive Story), Helen Vinson (King Of The Damned), C. Aubrey Smith (Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde), Basil Sydney (Rhodes) and Henry Oscar (Father O'Flynn).

In a time in the future when the world is not quite as divided as it once was, it still is more dangerous then it ever was before, with more and more nations creating their own various united blocks against each other…

With that said, in comes Richard 'Mack' McAllan (Dix) who has an idea that could bridge the gaps between at least 2 world powers (Those being the United States, and Great Britain), Mack actually plans to do this quite literally…  What I mean by this is the idea that Mack has (pretty much his way of helping to create peace on Earth,) is to create an under sea tunnel that quite literally expands under the ocean floor, from the United States, all the way to Great Britain…

Richard 'Mack' McAllan (Dix) as he is pitching investors for his project.

With that said, the movie starts off with Mack, his best friend Fredrick 'Robbie' Robbins (Banks) his wife Ruth (Evans), a single investor, who like Mack also wants to help create peace on Earth, he goes by the name of  'Lloyd' (Smith) and Lloyd's daughter, Varlia (Vinson), are the team that is working on pulling in the money for this momentous project…

During this time, Lloyd ends up setting up a meeting with the worlds most powerful people, to discuss the project and to possibly finance it… Which they all end up deciding to do so seeing the massive profit potential in making Mack's dream a reality (with the exceptions of Grellier (Oscar) and Mostyn (Sydney) who both have their own nefarious reasons for agree

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ing to help finance the bridge.)

Now we cut ahead 3 years, and the tunnel project is under way with both a British team drilling on one side of the Atlantic and an American team drilling on their side of the Atlantic (with the plan being that the two sides would eventually meet some where in the middle!

A scene in which the workers on the tunnel decide to take a break to watch the latest report from their fearless leader, 'Mack'

With that said the tunnel project has become an internationally recognized project, with both Great Britain and the United States both excited for it's completion.  Mack (who has devoted himself to the project) has become the leader of the whole project, while working directly on the British side of the drilling…

Now everything seems to be going well for Mack, his wife Ruth and their son Geoffrey (Geoffrey is played as a boy by: Pat Fitzpatrick and as a man by: Jimmy Hanley)… That is until Mack is called back to his investors in the United States during his son's birthday… It turns out that he was called back for a publicity tour with Varlia…

With that said, other problems begin to crop up during the drilling, such as when Mack's wife goes to work in the mine's she ends up going blind!

Now Mack will find out just how much he will truly have to sacrifice in order to over come the accidents that begin to crop up, the sabotaging greed that the majority of his investors have against the tunnel, as well as a growing belligerence from the people that work for him, and to see his dream become a reality!

An accident that hits the tunnel when the English team drills in to the side of an underground Volcano.

With that said, what I like about this movie, and what I found that I do think makes this an awesome b movie is a couple of things.

1. Like I mentioned above, the concept of building a bridge that literally spans continents on two separate sides of the Atlantic Ocean is extremely fascinating.

2. The next thing that I wanted to say is the fact that this movie IS a historical relic, made this movie really enjoyable!

3. The next thing that I wanted to mention here is the Technology that was made for this movie's version of the future! I mean this movie was one of the earliest movies to introduce the concepts of a video phone (which Star Trek would later go on to make more universally excepted 31 years later!) There are other pieces that are fascinating, such as the use of something called, A 'Radium Drill' that Mack and his crew will use to help drill through the wall… Etc…

With that said folks, if your looking for a true blue classic Science Fiction movie to really sink your teeth in to, then I highly recommend this one! It is fun.

Also since there appears to be no trailer, I thought that you guys might enjoy the first little bit of the movie!



Nathan Strack


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