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Crossworlds (1997)

by  |  September 21st, 2011  |  Sci Fi

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-18123" title="Crossworlds 1" src="https://awesomebmovies.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Crossworlds-1.j

pg” alt=”” width=”283″ height=”400″ />When I was a kid one of my favorite TV shows was the show, Sliders…

Now for those of you out there that don’t remember what Sliders was. It was a show which originally starred Jerry O’Connell (Scream 2), Cleavant Derricks (Moscow On The Hudson), Sabrina Lloyd (Dopamine), and the always awesome John Rhys-Davies (The Indiana Jones series.) This TV series told the story of a group of people who due to an accident while a boy genius is demonstrating his invention that would allow people to travel in between the dimensions ends up getting them lost in the dimensions, with them trying to find their way back…

Now I used to watch that show religiously when I was a teenager, and still watch it periodically as an adult… Part of the reason why is become the concept of being able to pass between dimensional barriers has always been a bit of a fascination for me in general but definitely in both the written and visual forms as well…

That is why I am glad to have had the chance to watch the movie, Crossworlds (1997)…

Co-Written by: Raman Rao (Just Like That) and Krishna Rao (The Pretender) and also Directed by: Krishna Rao. Starring: Rutger Hauer (Nighthawks), Josh Charles (Little City), Stuart Wilson (The Rock) and Andrea Roth (Executive Power)

In a dimension out side of our own a war between that dimension’s version of Earth and a group of inter-dimensional warlords and the populace of that planet was fought with that version of Earth’s inhabitants loosing and becoming subjugated by the war lords…

Now since that War was fought, a resistance organization was formed on that planet to destroy the power of the war lords and to stop a particularly dangerous war lord leader by the name of Ferris (Wilson). Now Ferris has been looking literally for decades for a particular Talisman and Staff that when worked together would allow the user to tear apart the dimensional boundaries between all of the dimensions and remake a singular dimension to the users liking!

That is what Ferris would like to do very much…

Stuart Wilson as (Ferris) in Crossworlds...

Now the resistance had sent one of their fighters to pose as a human from our Earth in an effort to protect the talisman and the staff from Ferris… Of course one day when the fighter finds and un-earths the staff, Ferris finds the fighter and quickly murders the fighter… But decides to also pose as a human from our Earth until he can find the talisman… (This is never explicitly stated, but the movie would seem to indicate it.)

Either way we cut to 20 years later, and the son of the inter-dimensional fighter is now a very blue collar, very average business student, by the name of Joe Talbot (Charles)… Although in the beginning of the movie Joe likes to be called Joseph…

Now Joe’s life is turned upside down when during a party he comes face to face with Laura (Roth). Who is a freedom fighter from her father’s Earth, and who went MIA in an effort to seek out both the staff and the Talisman, (which it turns out that Joe’s father (who is the inter-dimensional freedom fighter), had given it to Joe’s mother, who had in turn given it to Joe.)

Joe confronting Rebo (Played by: Perry Anzilotti)

Anyway after the party that Joe attended, he heads home and to sleep, only to be awaken by Laura who has positioned herself over Joe in an effort to try and steal the Talisman while not waking him up… The only problem is that Joe ends up waking up right before Ferris’s henchmen launch an attack on Joe and Laura…

Now after breaking free of this attack, Joe and Laura seek out a former inter-dimensional freedom fighter who used to work for the resistance organization that Laura works for, and before that as one of Ferris’s Lieutenants… He goes by the name of A.T. (Hauer)

Now with Ferris and his goons mercilessly pursuing Joe, Laura and A.T. it will be up to them to figure out a way to protect the staff and the talisman and stop Ferris, before Ferris can get his hands on both the Talisman and the staff and remake reality in to his own deadly image!

Joe and A.T. in the desert between dimensions.

Now what I like about this movie and what I do truly feel makes this an Awesome B movie is a couple of things:

1. Now let me preface what I am about to say with this… I like the entire cast, I thought that they all did a great job in this movie, but the person that I wanted to mention here is Rutger Hauer… I mean I have been a fan of this guy’s work for literally decades (pretty much ever since the first time that I saw the movie, Blade Runner.) Since then I have seen quite a few of his movies and I gotta say that the more of his movies that I watch, the more I like his work, and this movie just really did help to re-enforce this!

2. Again like I mentioned above regarding the concepts of inter-dimensional travel being a fascination of mine… This movie holds the same focus… I mean I have seen movies and TV shows that have to do with resistance factions working through out time, and in outer space, but I have never seen a movie where a resistance organization has been working to stop some one inter-dimensionally!

3. Also I thought that you guys might find this cool, but in this movie Jack Black (Orange County) has a small role in which he plays one of Joe’s normal friends.

With that said folks, if your looking for a fun edge of your seat Science Fiction movie… Then check out this one, it rocks!

Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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