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Beowulf (1999)

by  |  September 16th, 2011  |  Fantasy  |  2 Comments

Now I gotta say that movies based on classic literature in their own right (and if done right) can be something truly spectacular, I mean true work of art in and of itself…

Now what I mean by this is that in a digital age like we have right now, where there has got to be more then a million movies out there.  Being able to see a classic that either A: is made very similarly to the style and intention of the author, or B: is a different yet suitable adaptation/interpretation, can give people who have not had access to the novel a chance to see what they are missing (or in my case, usually reminds me to crack open a book more often…)

Now I am not saying that people should not read more or less, or watch more or less movies, but when you watch a movie based on a novel (or a true classic like something adapted from a Shakespeare play) can make for such a co-mingling that both kind of become important…  And that is why I am glad that I got to watch this interesting adaptation of the original Beowulf story!

Written by: Mark Leahy (Dungeons & Dragons), David Chappe (Nest Of Lies) and Directed by: Graham Baker (Omen III: The Final Conflict). Starring: Christopher Lambert (The Highlander series), Rhona Mitra (Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans), Oliver Cotton (Baby Blue), Vincent Hammond (Species 2), Göetz Otto (Der Blonde Affe).

In the distant future mankind will revert to a time when chivalry was still around… When a man lived or died by the power of his sword, and where the knights of yore, have become the fashionable fighters of the present here and now!

With that said, during this time, sort of way stations called 'out posts' (castle like structures that dot the landscape).  And it is in one of these outposts, which is controlled by Hrothgar (Cotton) and his family, that an evil monster by the name of Grendel lives and feeds (when no one is looking of course…) Now of course this monster has literally been terrorizing the citizens that live inside of the outpost, but due to a siege being held by people who believe that the people who live in the outpost have been corrupted by the evil still inside of the castle, means that the citizenry of the outpost risk death both inside as well as outside and can't leave!

That is of course till one day when Pendra (Played by: P

atricia Velasquez) escapes the out post and tries to make a run past the siege lines, and the arrival of the lone warrior, Beowulf (Lambert)

Christopher Lambert as Beowulf

You see one day Pendra does end up escaping the out post only to be captured by the people that are holding the siege.  There she is horribly beaten and humiliated, and then taken to a device that I can most aptly describe as being that of an over sized straight razor that is meant to chop her head off…

Now as she is about to die, Beowulf comes riding up on his horse and gets the siege army to stop trying to kill this poor girl by taking out like half their army on his own! Now after this is done, Beowulf and Pendra go riding toward the outpost, but with Pendra deadly afraid of the place, she jumps off and runs back to the siege army (which of course promptly kills her…

And after gaining an unfriendly entrance in to the outpost, it will be up to Beowulf, and Beowulf alone (due to the fact that he seems to be the only one who can hurt the monster.) To destroy the monster before the monster has a chance to destroy the surviving inhabitants of the outpost!

From left, Kyra (Mitra), Beowulf (Lambert), Hrothgar (Cotton) and Roland (Otto)

Now what I like about this movie and what I truly do think makes this a truly awesome b movie is a couple of things:

1. I do think that this movie is an interesting adaptation of the classic poem of the same name!

2. I think that the entire cast of this movie did a great job in filming this movie, but being a huge Highlander fan, and a huge fan of Christopher Lambert's in general, getting to see him in action in something that for me is new, is a real treat!

With that said folks, admittedly this movie has a strong cheese factor (but in that fun sort of way.) So if you like those types of movies then I highly recommend checking this one out… It is fun!



Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.


  1. Fran

    September 16th, 2011at 9:17 PM(#)

    Hello! Very beautiful article!

  2. Nathan Strack Nathan Strack

    September 20th, 2011at 11:24 AM(#)

    Hey Fran,

    Glad you liked the article! Have you seen the movie?

    – Nathan

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