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Ambush Bay (1966)

by  |  September 20th, 2011  |  Action/Adventure

War movies are an interesting thing, they can show you both sides of any conflict, both real or fictitious… They can show you the crueler side of humanity, but they can also show you that there are heroes in the world, and that during mankind's worst struggles that there are people in this world that are willing to fight for what is right and just in this world… At least that is why I like them, (and I have seen more then my fair share of War movies.)

That is also why I was glad to be able to check out the movie, Ambush Bay (1966)…

Written by: Marve Feinberg, Ib Melchoir (Planet Of The Vampires) and Directed by: Ron Winston (Banning). Starring: Hugh O'Brian (Agatha Christie's '10 Little Indians'), Mickey Rooney (The Fugitive), James Mitchum (The Tramplers) and Tisa Chang (Year Of The Dragon). 

Just before the American invasion fleet is to set sail for the Philippine Islands for the invasion of the Philippines during World War 2, it comes to the attention of the American's that the Japanese have probably become aware of their invasion plans, and thus send a special forces unit of Marines on to a Japanese held Philippine Island to meet up with an American spy by the name of 'Miyazaki' (Chang) that is currently holed up in a Japanese Tea House, and relay any information that this person may have via Radio to the American forces, to ensure a successful invasion…

Now this party, which is being led by 1st Sergeant Steve Corey (O'Brian) and Gunnery Sergeant Ernest Wartell (Rooney) sets out for the Island with a special radio operator by the name of Private James Grenier (The man who is in charge of protecting their radio for dear life… Private Grenier is played by James Mitchum.)

Now once they get to the Island they are almost immediately confronted by Japanese soldiers…

The Marine's as they are prepping to fight a Japanese military unit.

During their first run in with the Japanese soldiers, everything appears to be pretty easy, as the soldiers happen to be chilling out at a camp fire eating… The Americans quickly dispatch those soldiers (with the exception of one Japanese soldier who is able to kill one of the American Soldiers before being killed by another American…)

With that said, and with only 36 hours left before the American invasion fleet is destined to set sail, along with a growing number of Japanese soldiers hunting for the elusive American Soldiers.  It will be up to Sergeant Corey, Sergeant Watrell, Private Grenier and their motley crew, to accomplish this overwhelming mission and save the invasion force, before the entire unit is overwhelmed by the Japanese military!

With that said, what I love about this movie, and what I truly do think makes this an awesome b movie is a couple of things:

1. I just thought the story was simply brilliant! I know that, that is kind of a tall statement to make, but it is true!  I like the elements of how Private Grenier kind of grows up from being a naive delivery boy/radio operator, to becoming a full on soldier! I also like the dynamic between Sergeant Corey and Private Grenier and how Sergeant Corey starts off kind of stone cold to Grenier, but as time goes on, begins to rely on him more heavily, etc…

2.  I also thought that this was rather humorous, but during the scene in which Sergeant Corey is trying to extract Miyazaki, it looks like there is at least one maybe 2 Americans sitting in the crowd of Japanese, who are watching the Geisha dance (which would not have been possible at the height of World War2!

With that said folks, if you are looking for a fun War movie to really sink your teeth in to.  Check this one out… You might like it!



Nathan Strack


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