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Stephen King’s New Book Tour!

by  |  August 1st, 2011  |  News

Stephen King at his typewriter with Sports Center announcer, John Anderson.

That’s right folks according to Booksigningcentral:

Stephen King, one of the most prolific American horror authors around today, having written dozens upon dozens of novels such as, Gerald’s Game, Thinner, The Mangler, Children Of The Corn, among literally dozens upon dozens of other books (of course with his more well known books being, Carrie, The Stand, It, etc…)

With that said, this guy’s work has been so big, that a large portion of the library of his works has been turned in to movies!  A couple of examples of his novels being turned in the movies of course are hist first novel, Carrie (1976) with Sissy Spacek (Welcome To L.A.) Piper Laurie (The Faculty) and Amy Irving (The Fury).  another one being the Shawshank Redemption (1994) with Tim Robbins (The Hudsucker Proxy) and Morgan Freeman (The Batman series) along with so many others!

With all of this in mind, Mr. King, who has recently completed a book titled, 11/22/63: Which is about a guy who goes back in time to attempt to stop the Kennedy assassination, is heading out on tour to promote the new book!

The following is Mr. King’s tour dates:

November 7th: Boston

November 10 and 11:  Dallas

November 12: New Orleans

November 14: Sarasota

December 14: Atlanta

For all you Stephen King fans in these towns, mark the date on your calenders! But everyone else, please enjoy the trailers for some of the more popular movies that were made from his novels:

The first one being, The Stand (1994):

And Children Of The Corn (1984):


and then lastly we got Salem’s Lot (1979):



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