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Krull (1983)

by  |  August 30th, 2011  |  Fantasy

You know the old term ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’? Well Krull definitely demonstrates that…

What I mean by that is that a few months ago I was researching some fun fantasy movies to watch, and one of the movies that I discovered was the movie Krull.  Now at first I didn’t have very high hopes on this movie, first off it sounded more like a boring Science Fiction movie to me, and maybe a cheaper knock off of Star Wars… Boy Was I Wrong!

Written by: Stanford Sherman (The Man Who Wasn’t There) and Directed by: Peter Yates (Bullitt). Starring: Ken Marshall (Feds), Lysette Anthony (Princess Daisy), Freddie Jones (Dune), Alun Armstrong (Billy The Kid And The Green Baize Vampire), David Battley (The Gentle Touch), Liam Neeson (Rob Roy) and Graham McGrath (Last Days Of Summer)

Krull tells the story of a time in which the planet Krull (a backwater planet) still believes in myth and legend, where it is still possible for wizards and seers to help guide the warriors of kingdoms in to battle with the forces of darkness…

During this time, Alien invaders who live in the Black Fortress have come to invade this little planet.  The leader of this Alien race is something that the inhabitants of the planet call, ‘The Beast’.

Now two of the kingdom’s of man have been forced in to joining forces through the marriage of their children, the daughter of one of these kingdom’s, Princess Lyssa (Anthony) and the son of another of these kingdom’s Prince Colwyn (Marshall).

Now of course both Prince Corwyn and Princess Lyssa actually do love each other it just happens that the time in which the both of them have decided to get married is good for both countries, as both countries would be able to combine their forces and try and take out the legions of the Black Fortress.

Prince Corwyn (Marshall) and Princess Lyssa (Anthony) as they are getting married.

Unfortunately though it appears that the beast has the same idea, as during Prince Corwyn and Pricess Lyssa’s wedding ceremony, the beast sends an army of his Slayers, to destroy the Castle and kidnap Princess Lyssa!

After the epic battle in which the beasts army has literally destroyed everyone in that castle and has taken out even the Corwyn himself. An old man by the name of Ynyr (Jones) comes down to the Castle to resurrect Corwyn (who is now King of both Kingdoms)…

After this is done, and after Corwyn grieves for his father, both Corwyn and Ynyr along with some help along the way from a band of cut throat thieves, to destroy the beast and rescue the Princess, before the Beast can marry Princess Lyssa, and plunge the world of Krull in to darkness for ever!

Corwyn and his band of thieves that he has enlisted on his journey to rescue Princess Lyssa and kill the Beast!

Now with all of this in mind, what I like about this movie, and what I truly do think makes this a great B movie is a couple of things:

1. Generally speaking I love Alien invasion films, and having this one set during the time of Swords and Sorcery is freakin FANTASTIC!

2. The score that James Horner did for this movie is actually based on the score that he did for Star Trek 2: The Wraith Of Kahn.

3. This was also John Welsh’s last film!

Anyway folks, if your looking for a great classic Fantasy movie, with a little bit of an Alien twist, then I highly recommend this one, it is pretty awesome!

Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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